The King Kamehameha Statue is an intricately detailed brass depiction of the man who unified Hawaii and became its first king. This statue dates back to the late 19th century when it was unveiled after the original cast was lost in a storm on its way to Hawaii from France.

This statue highlights an important aspect of Hawaiian history that anyone can appreciate, though most kids aren't going to get a kick out of it for more than a few minutes. Visitors tend to take in this statue for about 5 or 10 minutes before moving on.

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King Kamehameha Statue highlights

Amongst the most iconic aspects of the King Kamehameha Statue are the scenes showcased around the plinth. They highlight 4 important aspects of the Hawaiian king and the immense impact he had on Hawaii.

The first panel showcases his encounter with the legendary Captain James Cook in 1778. The second shows his prowess as a warrior fending off several spears. The third depicts the king looking over a war fleet in Kohala. With the final panel, you'll see several people relaxing by a road, demonstrating how the king made roadways safe to travel and access.

Good to know when visiting King Kamehameha Statue

When you visit the King Kamehameha Statue, you'll find yourself right by the Ali'iolani Hale government building and its impressive architecture. City centre is just a short walk to the north, and Aloha Tower is well within walking distance as well.

If you visit this statue during Kamehameha Day, held each year on the Friday nearest June 11, it may look a bit different. During this annual festival, the 18-foot statue is draped in a long flower lei to celebrate the king. The lei reaches from the statue's arms to the ground beneath the plinth.

King Kamehameha Statue

Location: 447 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96813, USA

Open: 24/7