Kahala Beach is a well-hidden alcove where you can relax amongst tranquil, sandy shores without having to share the space with expansive crowds. In fact, it's possible that you won't find anyone else at all at this beach when you visit, as it's mostly used by residents in the adjacent area.

The whole family can enjoy this beach, as the sand is soft and the waters are inviting and without drastic drops or powerful riptides. Most people spend about 2 or 3 hours here, though you can always stay longer if you like, particularly if you enjoy diving.

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Kahala Beach highlights

When you visit Kahala Beach, you may want to consider diving. It's a fairly rich area for divers, and you'll spot quite a few fascinating aquatic specimens during your dive since they aren't often interrupted by a lot of human traffic. Note that you shouldn't jump in directly from the seawall, as there's not enough depth to do so safely.

Aside from diving, this beach is perfect for a simple relaxing swim. You'll likely find yourself alone or at least a good distance from other people when you visit, so you can enjoy plenty of space to yourself.

Good to know when visiting Kahala Beach

When you visit Kahala Beach, you should be aware that finding the beach can be a bit tricky. Keep an eye out for the blue beach signs along Kahala Avenue to find your way. There's no vehicle access, so you'll be walking on pedestrian pathways for quite a bit until you reach the beach.

Once you reach the beach, you can head a bit further northeast to find a sandier part of the beach with fewer rocks. During high tide, however, you may have to swim part of the journey to that section of the shore.

Kahala Beach

Location: 4999 Kahala Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816, USA

Open: 24/7

Phone: +1 808-732-5233