The Hawaii Kai area is a slice of paradise nestled in the southeast corner of Oahu that was once wetland and is now one of Oahu’s wealthiest communities. The transformation was made possible by Henry J. Kaiser in 1959, who dredged up the fishpond and helped develop the area into the idyllic community it is today.

Despite the community's rapid growth in residential and commercial development, a conscious effort has been made to preserve area nature sites. Thanks to this, the area offers not only a bounty of dining and shopping opportunities but also a wealth of outdoor fun for all ages.

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Hawaii Kai highlights

Hawaii Kai is largely known for Hanauma Bay, a marine embayment comprising 101 acres. It’s known as a premier destination with hundreds of tropical fish and marine life. There are snorkelling tours available, and beach wheelchairs available for free. A short video for first-time visitors teaches about preservation and safety rules.

Bring your appetite to Hawaii Kai. There are many restaurants with diverse options to choose from. Kona Brewing Company is a waterfront restaurant where you can park your boat and enjoy a wide array of drinks. Moena Cafe offers delicious brunch, and Hi Pho serves up spring rolls and pho for lunch and dinner.

Good to know when visiting Hawaii Kai

Hawaii Kai’s temperatures generally range from 64-87 degrees Fahrenheit. The atmosphere is mostly humid and muggy, with a little over 40 inches of rain annually. This makes the weather ideal for boating and beach activities.

Hawaii Kai's Koko Head District Park offers hikers a railway that lines the side of Koko Crater. There are 1,050 rail posts to the top, where the panoramic views will leave you breathless. Bring your camera, sun cream, and nonslip shoes, as this hike is not sheltered from the sun. There are facilities available at the park, and easy parking.

Hawaii Kai

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