Karuizawa is a mountain resort town near Nagano that's famed for its opportunities for outdoor recreation such as cycling, hiking, golfing and, in the winter, skiing and hot spring baths. The old town centre of Kyu Karuizawa is a quaint walkable lane filled with locally owned boutique stores as well as arts and crafts shops. Hiking up Mount Asama allows you to explore an active volcano. Karuizawa Shiraito Falls is an untouched natural green space where you’ll see a small cascading waterfall emptying into a mountain pool. Kumoba Pond is famous for its brilliantly coloured autumn foliage.

Harunire Terrace offers a riverside deck where you can explore local shops and delicious independent restaurants. For history and photo opportunities, take a walk to the 17th-century stone arch bridge Megane-bashi. The Hiroshi Senju Museum Karuizawa is a contemporary art museum with elegantly tended gardens. For relaxation, self-catered meals and family fun, Yukawa Furusato Park offers green space, picnic facilities and a kids’ playground.

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  • Karuizawa Travel Guide

    Set at an altitude of 1,000 metres, Karuizawa is a popular area that's become a summer resort thanks to its cool climate. There isn't actually that much snowfall here in winter, but you'll still find many ski resorts in the surrounding area that make up for the lack of natural snow with artificial snow machines. It's easy to get to Karuizawa...

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  • 5 Best Restaurants in Karuizawa

    The best restaurants in Karuizawa range from friendly-family eateries and superb gourmet restaurants. As one of the oldest summer resorts in Japan, the town’s reputation may have been built on its clean mountain air, hot springs and beautiful scenery, but its food scene is no less impressive. After you've worked up an appetite from hiking, cycling or golfing, head for the...

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