Spanish food differs from region to region, though it shares a common theme – siesta-inducing lunches are always large, with multiple dishes that come one at a time. The rich waters of the Mediterranean ensure a year-round supply of seafood, especially along the coasts. Other specialities include the humble (and delicious) omelette, and the intense flavour of Spanish cured ham – carved with a blade and served on toast – you’ll no doubt see whole legs hanging in bars and taverns across the country.

Pair La Rioja’s full-bodied red wines with Castile-Leon’s suckling pig and La Mancha’s manchego cheese. Fried fish, smoked ham, and gazpacho are among Andalusia’s well-loved dishes, while the iconic paella originates from Valencia. Start your day on a sweet note with freshly fried churros and hot chocolate, and end it with tapas in a Spanish tavern.

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