Busan is a highly-rated tourist destination in South Korea. It’s also one of the most densely populated cities and a popular seaport in the Pan-Asia region. The city offers one of the most all-round tourism experiences in the world – you can find a variety of restaurants, night clubs and places to hang out in the evening. Busan also has quaint temples, natural wonders, and exotic beaches.

Like most South Korean cities, Busan boats a low crime rate, and its pubs and bars are usually open till the wee hours of the morning. There’s usually no closure time - pubs stay open until the very last customer leaves. Being South Korea's most important seaport, Busan has a natural international and cosmopolitan flair.

What to see & do in Busan

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Busan attractions range from centuries-old Buddhist temples dotting the city’s mountains and coastline to pristine beaches with clear waters. This seaside town has plenty of things to do year-round – families can spend time at a beachside aquarium, shoppers get to explore vibrant districts, and nature lovers can enjoy long hikes to scenic viewing points. A short train ride from Seoul, Busan’s beaches are often packed on weekends and summer holidays,...

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Where & what to eat in Busan

Food and dining in Busan offers a look at how local cuisine develops from a national tradition, with astounding takeaway street food and a range of recipes and local delicacies. Fish cakes and pork soup are 2 of the most famous dishes here, but other dishes include chimaek, a form of fried chicken served with beer; seed pancakes; cold wheat noodles and cold sashimi; seafood scallion pancakes; and Korean street...

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Where to shop & what to buy in Busan

Busan shopping options are diverse, with dozens of open-air markets, upmarket stores, and duty-free outlets dotting the city. You’ll find one of South Korea’s largest seafood markets, where dozens of (mostly female) vendors selling fresh fish, crab, abalone, and squid.  Fashion and cosmetics brands occupy Busan shopping streets within areas such as Haeundae District, Seomyeon, and Gwanglalli Beach – there’s a good mix of budget and upscale shops so you’ll won’t...

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Where to go & what to do at night in Busan

Nightlife in Busan offers a wealth of experiences, from flashing neon in the shopping districts to brilliantly lit historic buildings to pubs, cocktail lounges, breweries and live entertainment. For live music, concerts and performances, check out the Busan Cultural Center in Nam-gu. If you're looking for hip nightclubs, check out MurpII in the Novotel Ambassador. If rock music is your thing, head for the UT Bar, a rock club just...

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