Pohang is a city in North Gyeongsang Province and a major seaport offering many ancient spiritual sites, museums, hiking, natural wonders, beaches and theme parks. Hwanho Park is a unique attraction with its SpaceWalk, a walkable sculpture that resembles a rollercoaster with spectacular city views. The Haeoreum Sunrise Observation Deck has fantastic views of the rugged coast and the ocean waters for miles around. The standing stone at Koro-ho is an ancient site with an air of mystery about it, while the Yeongii Folk History Museum provides a look at the ancient culture of this vibrant region.

Spiritual sites of importance here include Bogyeongsa Temple, Naeyeonsan and Oeosa Temple. A quirky public art installation can be found at the Hand of Mutual Shake, a gigantic sculpture of a hand in Homigot Sunrise Square. For a healthy way to detox and get rid of your stress and cares, try a bath in the Yeongil Bay Hot Springs. The Yeongil Bay Beach offers relaxation, surf and scenic coastline.

What to see & do in Pohang

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Things to do in Pohang include taking in unique and quirky sculpture and art installations, visiting Buddhist temples with spectacular views, enjoying outdoor adventures, touring museums and soaking up unique cultural experiences. The Boyongsa Temple sits on a mountainside and provides stunning views of the surrounding city and waters. It’s also just a short hike away from two towering cascading waterfalls. The rocky cape of Homigoj features a historic lighthouse...

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Where & what to eat in Pohang

A wide variety of food and dining opportunities can be found in Pohang, from traditional Korean food to international cuisine, so no matter what your taste, you’ll find it here. The Pohang Jukdo Market is the spot to go for traditional and takeaway Korean food, including iconic local dishes like Mulhoe, a cold dish of raw fish in broth served with seasonal catches, and the abalone rice porridge known as...

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Where to shop & what to buy in Pohang

  • 6 Best Places to Go Shopping in Pohang

    In Pohang, you can shop at a variety of places, including traditional markets, complex shopping malls, and discount stores. Jukdo Market boasts a huge scale, consisting of a traditional market, fish market, and agricultural market. As the market is close to the sea, you can buy fresh seafood and taste raw fish as well. At Guryongpo Fish Market or Cheongha...

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Where to go & what to do at night in Pohang

  • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Pohang

    In Pohang, you can spend a colourful evening engaging in various activities at night. You can go to the first Maritime Pavilion in Korea to enjoy the nighttime view of the seawall, steel mill and coastal scenery, or you can visit a cultural space featuring independent films and creative artists’ works and performances. If you want to recharge, breaking away from...

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Useful information

  • Pohang Travel Essentials

    Our Pohang Travel Essentials guide showcases all the basics you need to know to enjoy a splendid holiday in this shining city at the mouth of the Hyeongsan. Our guide offers valuable insight into the local climate trends as well as emergency phone numbers, currency, electricity, plug styles and more. Our guide can help you at every step of your journey,...

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Where to stay in Pohang

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