The cultural life in Bergen has many things to offer those who want to continue to experience the city once dinner is over. From standup comedy to theatre, music and dancing, there will be something to suit your post-dinner mood.

    If you need to move your body, head for one of many dance floors, usually filled with hipp electronic music. But if it's a quiet drink in a cosy place you're after, then there are plenty of options here too.


    Altona wine bar

    Atmospheric temple for romantics and wine fanatics

    Candlelight, intimate premises and plenty of good wine provide the perfect setting if you want a quiet night out with someone you love. The readers of the city's largest newspaper voted Altona the city's best place for a date, but it's also fine to come here as a group. Wine enthusiasts in particular will love Altona.

    The wine selection is impressive, and the industry bible Wine Spectator has certified Altona with two glasses (out of a total of three) for the wine list's breadth and quality.

    Location: Strandgaten 81, 5004 Bergen, Norway

    Open: From Monday to Saturday: 18.00-22.30. Sunday: closed.

    Phone: +47 55 30 40 00


    Baklommen bar

    Cocktail bar in historic premises

    • Nightlife

    Tucked away inside the old wooden buildings on Bryggen is Baklommen Bar, a dark little cocktail bar with Bryggen's traditional sloping timber walls and tonnes of great atmosphere. The floor of this old building is actually so uneven that it's easy to feel unsteady on your feet, even before you've had your first round!

    The decor is low, solid, leather chairs and wooden tables - perfect for having a good catch up with friends. Baklommen is popular with anyone who wants an evening out for a catch up with the people they know - and also people they don't know.

    Location: Enhjørningsgården 29, 5003 Bergen, Norway

    Open: From Tuesday to Saturday: 18.00-01.00. Sundays and Mondays: closed.

    Phone: +47 55 30 69 55


    Café Opera

    The diverse nightlife at Engen

    • Nightlife

    The atmosphere, activities and clientele vary greatly from morning to evening and from day to day at Café Opera. It's not really clear what types of people this place is aimed at. What is certain is that as long as you don't hate the idea of a cultural café, you'll be just fine.

    On weekdays, the evening buzz is fairly tame, although it can get busy on the city's most popular quiz night. Poetry evenings and jam sessions also feature on the programme of events here, so do check before you come. As the weekend approaches, you can expect to see more or less familiar faces from the city's music scene, both the DJs and the dancers. The music is as eclectic as Opera itself.

    Location: Engen 18, 5011 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Friday-Saturday: 11.00-03.00. Sunday: 12.00-23.30. From Monday to Wednesday: 11.00-23.30. Thursday: 11.00-01.30.

    Phone: +47 55 23 03 15


    photo by abbilder (CC BY 2.0) modified



    The finest living room in Bergen

    • Nightlife

    Grieghallen is first and foremost the home of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, and top-level classical music is performed a couple of times a week here. Bergen Opera also uses the Grieghallen, but the event calendar offers plenty of more popular concerts and shows of various kinds too.

    The only common denominator is the organiser's desire for all performances to be done in front of a seated audience, because Grieghallen is a place where things are done a certain way. The Christmas shows take over the programme throughout December, while Bergen's festivals take to the stage in May-June with many varied performances of international standard.

    Location: Edvard Griegs plass 1, 5015 Bergen, Norwa

    Open: Depends on events

    Phone: +47 55 21 61 00


    photo by avery ng (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    USF Verftet

    Culture house by the water

    • Couples
    • Nightlife

    USF Verftet is a former sardine factory that now houses various concert stages, exhibition rooms and a cinema. The programme of events is always full and varied. The Cinematheque features classics and other goodies for film lovers several times a week, and the exhibition room for contemporary art almost always has something on show. Concerts and other types of performances take place more sporadically, and considering that USF is a short distance from the light rail in the city centre, it pays to check the programme before you go.

    The big attraction for many people is the outdoor seating at Kippers Bar & Kafé. Located on a west-facing pier with plenty of evening sun and views of the fjord, it is considered by many to be the city's finest.

    Location: Georgernes Verft 12, 5011 Bergen, Norway

    Open: (Kippers Bar & Kafé) Daily: 12.00-20.00.

    Phone: +47 55 30 74 10


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    Den Nationale Scene

    New take on the theatre

    • Nightlife

    With a new management at the helm, Den Nationale Scene in Bergen is invested in expanding its audience with exciting and challenging productions. With three stages, there's room here for both classics and world premieres, major ventures with a long cast list and lavish scenography, as well as more intimate and simple projects.

    The critics have heaped praise on recent performances, so those interested in the theatre can look forward to a high standard of entertainment here. Performances start in the period between 18:00 to 20:00 and quickly sell out, so it pays to book if you want to visit Den Nationale Scene.

    Location: Engen 1, 5803 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Depends on events

    Phone: +47 55 54 97 00



    Great drinks, DJs, standup and ... table tennis

    • Nightlife

    Vaskeriet is a converted laundry where not much more has been done to the place other than remove the washing machines and insert a bar and table. The bar area is simple and open, perfect for dancing. The few tables are popular, so it's worth booking ahead if you're not planning on dancing all evening.

    Weekend nights feature current club music and the atmosphere is usually lively. A surprisingly successful concept is the silent disco, where each visitor gets a headset and tunes into their favourite music to dance to while the room is silent. Weekdays are quieter. Tuesdays are reserved for standup comedy, and otherwise there's table tennis to pass the time.

    Location: Magnus Barfots gate 4, 5015 Bergen, Norway

    Phone: +47 46 93 83 21


    photo by Sølve Tornøe (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    Magic Ice Bar Bergen

    The perfect place for a cold one

    • Nightlife

    Most bars usually just put ice in the glass, but at the Magic Ice Bar, there's ice everywhere. The walls, benches, bar and tables - all of them are made of ice. The temperature hovers at around -5 degrees, but the great atmosphere and drinks selection make you feel warm and welcome.

    It also helps that you're given a warm poncho and a pair of gloves as you enter. And if conversation is a little slow, there's always the decor to talk about, which consists of ice sculptures of more or lesser known figures. It's guaranteed to thaw the atmosphere!

    Location: C. Sundts gate 50, 5004 Bergen, Norway

    Open: From 15 May to 31 August: Sunday-Thursday: 11.00-23.00. Friday-Saturday: 11.00-24.00. From 1 September to 14 May: Sunday-Thursday: 16.00-21.00. Friday-Saturday: 16.00-22.00.

    Phone: +47 93 00 80 23


    No Stress

    No stress in Hollendergate

    • Nightlife

    No Stress aims to feel like the kind of place where anyone can feel at home, relax, sit comfortably and have a good natter. In reality, the clientele leans towards young adults who're into hip popular culture, especially when the music is turned up on weekend nights. The interior resembles a classic cellar room with comfy vintage furniture.

    In other words, highly informal and with a 'no ties allowed' policy (although this is not strictly enforced). Space is limited, so the bartenders do their job right under the noses of the clientele, which may be why they take their job so seriously. Expect to see plenty of good bar skills on display along with a great service attitude.

    Location: Hollendergaten 11, 5017 Bergen, Norwa

    Open: From Monday-Thursday: 17.00-24.00. Friday-Saturday: 15.00-24.00. Sunday: 17.00-24.00.

    Phone: +47 46 93 83 21


    Bar Barista

    Hygge in colour

    • Nightlife

    Øvregaten, where Bar Barista is located, is known for its vintage shops full of knick-knacks from floor to ceiling. The interior of the Bar Barista leans in the same direction with its maximalist vintage style, but they have added a solid dose of creativity and a somewhat cheeky touch to their look. The result is a colourful place with plenty to see and comment on.

    Well-being is paramount, and the friendly owners and staff help to make everyone feel at home, with the exception of the rather stiff exotic animals on display. Waffles are the house speciality, but if you just want something to drink, you can lose yourself in the excellent beer menu. Cultural events with music and literature are occasionally held here, but this place is mostly just about relaxing and having fun.

    Location: Øvregaten 12, 5003 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Sunday-Thursday: 15.00-23.00. Friday-Saturday: 15.00-24.00.

    Phone: +47 46 94 07 34


    photo by Gene Scharmann (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified

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