The Norwegian Fisheries Museum gives people of all ages an interesting insight into Norway's perhaps most important industry of all time: the fishing industry. The exhibitions focus on the post-modernisation era towards the end of the 19th century, both in Norway and other countries, when there was a transition from seasonal fishing on a small scale to year-round fishing on an industrial scale.

The collections largely consist of older fishing gear and models of fishing vessels. There are also well-preserved murals from Bergen boathouses as well as interactive exhibitions adapted for children. For example, children can try their hand at being a seafood producer and learn about all stages of the process from catch to finished product.


Boat enthusiasts can look forward to a full experience at Norwegian Fisheries Museum. The collection contains over 100 boat models, which are considered the Fisheries Museum's most precious treasures. Some of them are over 150 years old and date back to a time when such models and fishing gear were shown at exhibitions around Norway and other countries to promote the modernising and streamlining of the fishing industry. The old models are so detailed and well executed that they have been used as a template when building full-size replicas of old vessels, which shows just how high-quality and realistic they are.

Worth knowing

The Norwegian Fisheries Museum is located by the water in Sandviken, just north of Bergen city centre. On sunny days, it's a nice walk out of the centre, but if it's raining, it may be worth taking the bus. This stops close by and has frequent departures. During the summer, the electric ferry Beffen provides an added mode of transport and departs hourly. It departs from Fisketorget in the innermost part of Vågen and also docks at Nordnes and Gamle Bergen. A ticket entitles you to a 20% discount on entrance to the Norwegian Fisheries Museum.

In summer, you can also rent a rowing boat and kayak at the museum to explore the harbour and the surrounding areas. Feel free to bring your own fishing equipment to try your luck at fishing!

Norwegian Fisheries Museum in Bergen

Location: Sandviksboder 23, 5035 Bergen, Norway

Open: Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00-14.00.

Phone: +47 53 00 61 60