Bergen is Norway's second largest city and has been an important trading centre since the Middle Ages. This is largely due to a group of travelling German traders, known today as the Hanseatics, who had a strong presence in the city for many hundreds of years. A museum was put in place to highlight this interesting and fascinating part of Bergen's history. The museum gives you a thorough insight into what trading with the Hanseatics meant not only for Bergen, but for the whole of Western Norway and the coastal communities to the north. You also get to see how people lived at this time, and to learn about the value generated by the trade.

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Highlights of Schøtstuene

Schøtstuene was the gathering place of the Hanseatic trading families in Bergen, and these town halls have been restored to their former glory at the museum. As well as taking in the immaculately decorated and elaborate rooms where agreements were made, holidays were celebrated and dynasties perished (both financially and morally), you can experience the ongoing restoration work in the areas around Bryggen. You don't get more central than the Hansa Museum in Bergen, and you won't have to think about public transport unless you live far outside the city centre.

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Worth knowing about Schøtstuene

The central location and the museum's somewhat focused theme allows you plenty of time to also explore Bryggen and Fisketorvet once you're here. You can also take a trip to the top of Fløyfjellet with Fløibanen to enjoy the beautiful view 400 metres above sea level. While in the area, make sure you stop at Kjøttbasaren (the Meat Bazaar) to pick up some locally produced food specialties. Or do as the locals do and get yourself a hot dog at Trekroneren - perhaps Norway's most authentic hot dog van. However you choose to spend your day here, Bergen is a city that really knows how to appreciate and brag about its history.

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The Hanseatic Museum & Schøtstuene

Location: Finnegården 1A, 5003 Bergen, Norway

Phone: +47 53 00 61 10