Winter in Western Norway is not like the winter in the rest of Norway. The words "Bergen winter" are enough to make most snow lovers sulk, but fortunately Bergen locals know better. Although the city can go an entire winter season without seeing snow, this doesn't mean a lack of wonderful outdoor activities at this time of year.

    With snow-free streets, you can really enjoy the snow-safe mountains that surround the city, and that you're only a short distance from some real outdoor paradises with good driving conditions for everyone.



    Simple Mountain Hikes for All Ages

    Bergen's seven mountains are popular places to go out all year round, but there is something magical about looking down over the city from Fløyfjellet or Ulriken when the sun is low in the sky in January. Then the lights become even more magical, and the atmosphere in the forest becomes enchanting and inviting.

    If you hunt around a bit - and book well in advance - you may be lucky enough to get a ride with a horse and sleigh, especially on days with extra snow in the mountains. At Fløyfjellet you can also enjoy a Christmas dish of western specialties in the run-up to the holidays.

    Location: Bergen, Norway


    Fjord Trip in Bergen – Mostraumen

    With Spectacular Photo Opportunities

    There is no other maritime city quite like Bergen, even in Norway. The number of islets, coves and opportunities for nautical experiences are many, even in winter. There are still some trips that are more interesting than others, and a fjord cruise to Mostraumen is definitely one of these. The whole journey takes about three hours, and with departure from Zachariasbryggen in the centre of Bergen, setting is off is easy.

    The boat passes Sandviken and Old Bergen, Eidsvåg and the extremely photogenic Osterfjord en route. Mostraumen is magical and you really feel like you're far away from the city here.

    Location: Strandkaien 3, 5013 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Saturday-Sunday: 11.00.

    Phone: +47 55 55 20 00


    Myrkdalen – Voss fjellandsby

    Fantastiic Skiing and Overnight Stays

    You won't need to travel far from Bergen for some excellent skiing, but for the best slopes and safest snow conditions, you have to go to Myrkdalen - Voss Fjellandsby.

    Myrkdalen has one of the country's best ski resorts for those who like a challenge, and the mountain village at the bottom of the slopes is the perfect holiday destination for a long weekend with skis on your feet. There is a choice of accommodation available in the village, from hotel rooms and apartments to self-catering cabins - some with as many as eight bedrooms!

    Location: Klypeteigane, 5713 Vossestrand, Norway

    Phone: +47 474 71 600


    Eikedalen Ski Resort

    Stunning and Family-friendly Descents

    Eikedalen Ski Resort is just one hour from the city. And you won't regret a trip here because there's always a high chance of snow, a great choice of slopes and it's very family-friendly. With both a ski school and a play area, everyone can have fun in Eikedalen, perhaps with the exception of true adrenaline junkies.

    One of the things that attracts so many people to Eikedalen ski centre over other ski resorts in the region, is that it is easy to get here from Bergen by public transport. The first bus leaves at dawn, and the last bus home leaves long after they've stopped serving at the apres ski bars.

    Location: Kråvegen 108, 5650 Tysse, Norway

    Open: December–April.

    Phone: +47 56 58 88 62



    Railway for Keen Photographers

    Over a stretch of just 20 kilometres, the Flåmsbana rises almost 900 metres. The impressive feat of engineering that makes this possible attracts large crowds throughout the year.

    But if you want the Flåmsbana to yourself, you're better off going in winter. Not only are there far fewer travellers - you will also be able to experience the incredible transformation the landscape undergoes on the way from Myrdal in the high mountains to Flåm down by the fjord. It's a great place for photo opportunities too.

    Location: A-Feltvegen 11, 5743 Flåm, Norway

    Open: 08.30–17.00.

    Phone: +47 57 63 21 00


    Day Trip to Vøringsfossen

    Norway's highest waterfall

    For a number of decades now, much of Norway's energy has been provided by hydroelectric power created by waterfalls such as Vøringsfossen. Fortunately, not all the waterfalls have been out through pipes, and this is the longest waterfall in the country.

    The photogenic side of Vøringsfossen should not be underestimated, and you'll find several great photo opportunities around the waterfall. It is worth noting that you can't get here by public transport, so you either need a car or a benevolent person who can drive you the two to three hours it takes from Bergen.

    Location: 5785 Vøringsfoss, Norway



    Get to Know Norway

    The Hardangerfjord extends inland from a good distance south of Bergen. Expect the journey from the city to here to take a couple of hours, whichever mode of transport you use. But it's worth the trip!

    It takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours to drive to any of the places along the fjord that are closest to Bergen, such as Strandebarm, Tørvikbygd and Øystese. So these aren't day trips for the impatient, but rather a deep dive into Norwegian rural culture for those who have plenty of time and a desire to see Norwegian nature at its most best.

    Location: Fensfjord, Vestland County, Norway


    Spa Bergen

    Feel Like a Queen for the Day

    • Couples

    As the country's second largest city, Bergen naturally has most things you could want in life - within just a short distance from the city centre. The city boasts a number of different spas, but the most discerning choose the very best treatments.

    Spa Bergen in Sandviken is one of the city's most exclusive spas and is specially adapted for women. This means that you can feel completely safe when you spend the day here, and also rest assured that you are going to get great service and that the therapists know what you need.

    Location: Sandviksveien 87B, 5036 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday: 08.00–20.00. Saturdays: 09.00–16.00. Sundays: closed.

    Phone: +47 474 44 994


    Guided Trip to Trolltunga

    Also Known as the Small Pulpit Rock - and with Good Reason

    At the end of the winter season, you get a chance to join some exciting, demanding and rewarding hikes, and Trolltunga in Røldal is one of these. This hike has a high degree of difficulty and is not recommended for the untrained.

    For those of you who manage a trip that lasts eight to ten hours, this is one of the most spectacular things you can do in winter from Bergen. Note that it requires four hours of driving each way, so the trip requires you to set aside three full days - something that is very much worth it.

    Location: 5760 Røldal, Norway


    Voss Resort

    Mountain and Skiing Actvities with a Difference

    Voss Resort nestles between high mountains and water. And there's a good reason why the Ekstremsportveko event is held here. There is spectacular nature on all sides. Fortunately, Voss is not just aimed at the world elite in neck-breaking moves.

    The ski resport has many child-friendly slopes, in addition to the FIS-approved slopes for downhill and giant slalom. If you think it's too far to drive to Voss in one day to ski, take advantage of one of the many accommodation options available on site.

    Location: Bavallsvegen 227, 5710 Skulestadmo, Norway

    Phone: +47 470 04 700


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