Bangkok restaurants cater to all price ranges and are open all hours, proving that this city is certainly heaven for food lovers. A sensational culinary journey and taste experience awaits in Bangkok. Apart from renowned Thai cuisine with its blend of spicy, sour, bitter, sweet and salty, the array of options includes practically every other famous type of cuisine found in the world.

Eating options are limitless, night or day. Great value-for-money food courts, riverside eateries, Thai-style dining in antique teak houses, dinner cruises, trendy restaurants and traditional food markets are only some of the options available. Restaurants in Bangkok open at a lightning-quick rate, so even veterans of the dining scene in the Thai capital always have a new place to check out, and of course, there are small family-owned restaurants that you can stumble on and be blown away by the level of quality found in such seemingly simple food.

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