Benidorm is one of Spain’s finest beach resorts, and it has a collection of different beaches to choose from. From long golden stretches of sand with beach games and lifeguard patrols, to small, hidden coves where it all hangs out, you can find the right beach for you in Benidorm.

    Located on the Costa Blanca coast, this famous beach resort has seen a huge rise in popularity thanks to its combination of great value hotels and stunning coastline. If you’re looking for some fun in the sun, check out the best beaches in Benidorm below.


    Levante Beach

    The busiest beach

    • Families

    Levante Beach is the most popular sandy strip in Benidorm. It’s walking distance from town and has lots of facilities along its 3-km length. Deck chairs are plentiful, restaurants line the promenade, and the coastline eases gently into the sea making it a great place for a swim. The beach has several lifeguard stations and fun things to do, like jet skiing and paragliding.

    If you’re coming to Benidorm on a family holiday, Levante is probably where you’ll spend most of your time. The beach is cleaned every night, so it constantly shines. You’ll find a collection of bars at either end of Levante Beach, which are popular spots for a few sundowners.


    Poniente Beach

    The most beautiful beach

    • Families
    • Couples
    • Photo

    Poniente Beach is popular with older visitors and locals. It’s still close to town, but it feels a lot calmer and more tranquil. You’ll find plenty of beach bars and food stalls for lunch, and shaded areas covered by swaying palms. The beach is cleaned every night, and there’s a children’s playground just off the sand.

    The golden curl to Poniente Beach is really attractive in the early morning, before the majority of people turn up to stake their claim for the day. It’s connected to Levante by the beachside promenade, so you can easily check them both out to decide which one you like best.


    Playa del Mal Pas

    The locals' beach

    • Couples

    Measuring 120 metres, Playa del Mal Pas is a small, sheltered cove that’s perfect for couples who want to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of sun, sea, and sand. This soft sand beach is quite hard to find, separated from Benidorm’s more famous Poniente Beach by a marina. Mirador del Castell ocean viewpoint is on the far side of the beach, which you can use as a landmark. The waves and oncoming winds are gentle here and you can relax in peace.


    Playa del Albir

    The most relaxing beach

    • Families
    • Couples

    Playa del Albir, located close to the Serra Gelada nature reserve, is amazing clean. The water is noticeably clear, and trash is almost non-existent. You can still find sun loungers and drinks vendors, but this is a definite change of pace for Benidorm. If you want some action, you can rent kayaks and paddle around the headland. Watch out for sharp rocks and coral when swimming close to there.

    Playa del Albir is quite far from Benidorm town, which explains why it is so quiet. You have to drive around the large headland to the east, until you get to the town of Cap Blanc. It takes around 15 minutes.


    photo by Foto Gráfolanzadera (CC BY 2.0) modified


    Cala Almadraba

    The best beach for snorkelling

    • Couples
    • Adventure

    Almadraba Beach is really getting back to basics. Surrounded by mountains yet basking in sunshine throughout the day, come here if you want raw nature. The pebble beach is visited mostly by locals and snorkellers. The stony shore is home to plenty of fish and crustaceans. Although not officially a nudist beach, don’t be surprised if some people are relaxing with their swimsuits folded away.

    To find Cala Almadraba, you need to follow the coastal road east from Playa Levante. You'll find a carpark on one of the bends. Park up here and scramble down the hillside to enjoy the natural beauty of Benidorm.


    photo by Ruben Martinez Vilar (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified

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