Daegu, the capital of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, is located near the Geumho River. Once part of the Silla Kingdom in ancient times, the city has grown to become one of the most popular economic and cultural centres in South Korea.

    The city of Daegu has well-known tourist sites, mountains and parks, shopping areas, museums, and theatres, and hosts a variety of festivals which tourists can enjoy and be a part of. The city also has a number of hotels and resorts that cater to all types of tourists. Additionally, Daegu also has a great transportation network.

    What to see & do in Daegu

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    Daegu attractions appeal to nature lovers as they get to enjoy hikes with scenic views of the Palgongsan and the Apsan mountains, picnics at the city’s parks and lakes, as well as springtime festivals with blooming azaleas and cherry blossoms. You can spend time at Daegu’s Buddhist temples, which date back to the Joseon and Shilla periods. The city’s national museum displays artefacts such as Buddhist relics, paintings, and pottery... Read more

    Where & what to eat in Daegu

    Food and dining in Daegu introduces you to a culinary scene that's ever-evolving and developing with everything from complex Indian curries to basic grilled cheese sandwiches and beyond. Here, you can explore just about everything from classic pad Thai to green curry, pad si lo, tandoori chicken, pho, com tam, bánh mi, cha gio and so many other dishes. This city is in many ways the heart and soul... Read more

    Where to shop & what to buy in Daegu

    When it comes to shopping in Daegu, you’re bound to find shopping malls and trendy stores, together with wholesale markets selling just about anything you need. The city has a thriving textile industry, with hundreds of shops selling quality fabric, yarn, blankets, and linen at great prices. Daegu is one of the most notable cities in South Korea for medicinal herbs – there’s a wholesale market that’s been around since 1658... Read more

    Where to go & what to do at night in Daegu

    • 6 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Daegu

      Nightlife in Daegu consists of music halls and opera houses hosting concerts year-round, to cool nightclubs that stay open until morning. While there’s no particular dress code to follow while visiting clubs or bars here, Koreans usually love to dress up for these places. Some of the best areas for night-time entertainment in Daegu include Yasi-golmok, Rodeo...

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    • Daegu Information

      This Daegu information page can help you make the most out of your holiday in this historical city. Daegu’s rich history dates back to the Silla and Joseon dynasties, which makes it a coveted place for history buffs. Apart from historic sites and temples, Daegu is also popular for shopping, hiking trails leading to lush mountains, and vibrant nightlife. From...

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