Although the capital has many exciting experiences to offer, it undoubtedly adds an extra dimension to your holiday when you can take a trip out of Oslo and experience something a little different. Most of these sights are available all year round, but it's worth double-checking opening times before you travel to avoid a wasted journey. And should you still end up returning without having seen what you wanted, sometimes getting on a bus or a train to a new and exciting destination is a nice trip in itself!



    Ski time!

    A short car, bus or metro ride outside the city centre takes you to one of Norway's best indoor ski arenas, SNOW. Whether you're into slalom or cross-country skiing, this centre has it all. Not only is there a 500-metre slalom slope and a cross-country ski run of up to 1.5 km, but for a small additional fee you also get access to a gym.

    And then there is of course delicious food served to suit different price brackets and tastes. With hotels on the property as well, everything is in place for world-class skiing adventure.

    Location: Snøfonna 1, 1470 Lørenskog, Norway

    Open: Tuesday-Friday: 14.00-21.00, Sunday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00


    Baerums verk

    Historical buildings full of surprises

    Baerums verk was once an epicenter for raw material processing of the metallic kind in Norway. This is where ore was cast and melted into iron, which was used in some of the most beautiful kilns in the country. The small community that built up around the ironworks covered all the needs of the people here. Shops, town halls, transport hubs, schools, residential buildings and many other functions had to be covered.

    Many people still live at Baerums verk, but the buildings from that time have been turned into a shopping centre with a number of good restaurants.

    Location: Verksgata 15, 1353 Bærums Verk, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-20.00, Saturday 10.00-18.00, Sunday: 12.00-16.00

    Phone: +47 67 13 00 18


    photo by Alexander Ottesen (CC BY 2.0) modified


    Tusenfryd Amusement Park

    Oslo's biggest and best amusement park

    Tusenfryd is located in an area that was once home to a small zoo and amusement park along Mosseveien, but which in the late 80's gave way to far more bright lights and attractions. And there have been many years of bright lights, attractions and hours of fun since! Year on year, the park succeeds in attracting visitors from all over Eastern Norway, with new attractions, exciting shows and pretty much something to suit all tastes. The area is well served by public transport.

    This has the bonus effect that the car park is rarely full.

    Location: Fryds Vei 25, 1407 Vinterbro, Norway

    Open: May-October

    Phone: +47 64 97 64 97


    photo by Bjoertvedt (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Eidsvoll House

    Home of the Constitution and a popular museum of democracy

    Eidsvoll House was owned by Carsten Anker, Norway's richest man at the turn of the century between the 18th and 19th centuries. This is where the new Norwegian constitution was written in the spring of 1814, when it finally seemed that Norway would be able to break free from the Danish supremacy that had lasted for over 400 years.

    A visit to this historic building will of course give you an insight into this history, but you will also be able to get an impression of what everyday life was like for the servants. Eidsvoll 1814 also has an exciting museum where you can learn about modern democracy in the world.

    Location: Carsten Ankers veg 19, 2074 Eidsvoll Verk, Noewat

    Open: Tuesday-Friday 11.00-15.00, Saturday-Sunday: 11.00-16.00

    Phone: +47 63 92 22 10


    photo by Hans A. Rosbach (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified



    An iconic hideaway - in the city centre

    If you walk along the harbour promenade in Oslo, you'll spot Hovedøya. And it doesn't take long to get there with one of the scheduled boats from Vippetangen. These accept all regular cards and tickets from Ruter, so you can use both single and season tickets.

    The island itself is surprisingly large, and there are many cosy woods and coves you can settle in for a day of relaxation and peace. A peace you'll find quite surprising given how close you still are to the city centre.



    Great views and amazing food

    The ridge just southeast of the city centre is a popular excursion site for all the city's inhabitants, and with its slightly sleepy suburban character, Ekeberg is also a very sought-after residential area. Both football tournaments and music festivals are held here, and in the area you will find a visitor farm and many great hiking opportunities - including the best ski slopes within ring 2.

    On the slope down to the city you have a fantastic view of the harbour pool and the Opera House, as well as several pleasant restaurants and a much talked about sculpture park.

    Location: 1181 Oslo, Norway



    One of Oslo's top activities

    Anyone who visits Norway's capital can't failt to notice the city's fantastic surroundings. With fields and mountains on more or less all sides, it's easy to get out into the woods for some peace and quiet. Østmarka is easily accessible by public transport, and can offer great hiking terrain in hilly landscapes.

    Here you will find both golf courses and unpolluted fairytale forest, moraines and lakes where timber was once floated in times gone by. If you're a member of the Norwegian Tourist Association, you have access to a number of cosy little cabins in Østmarka.

    Location: Public transport to Lørenskog, Siggerud, Flateby or Ytre Enebakk


    Oscarsborg Opera

    Beautiful music in historic surroundings

    Oscarsborg was probably Oslofjord's most important military installation during the German attack on Norway in April 1940. The location, just north of Drøbaksundet, made the fortress a natural place to stop the cruiser Blücher, so that the government and the royal family could escape the invasion force.

    In recent times, the fortress has been decommissioned, and is now a museum that organises many fun and interesting cultural experiences, especially in the summer. In the exercise area, there is plenty of space for stage and sound systems, lights and grandstands, so that the operas performed here under the late summer sun benefit from a fantastic natural scenery.

    Location: 1443 Oscarsborg, Norway

    Open: Open seasonally

    Phone: +47 815 33 133


    SAS Museum

    Everything you didn't know about Scandinavian aviation history

    Ever since the airline was established in 1946, the Scandinavian Airlines System has flown Norwegians around the country - and to far-flung destinations around the world. There have been many souvenirs and memories over the years, many of which are displayed at the SAS Museum at Oslo Airport.

    Here you can get into the cabin of one of the classic planes, see how the uniforms have changed over time and learn more about the history of Norwegian airports. Get a drink at the museum café, and the viewing platform to the western runway at OSL is definitely worth a visit.

    Location: Gardermovegen 1, 2030 Nannestad, Norway

    Open: Tuesday: 10.00-15.00

    Phone: +47 957 18 005



    A small house with a big history

    • Unusual
    • History

    Wesselstua is kept in memory of Johan Herman Wessel, one of Norway's national poets and one of the loudest voices behind the idea of independence for Norwegians in the Enlightenment. Although he is probably best known for the time he spent in Copenhagen and the important role he played in Det Norske Selskab, his childhood home in Vestby is still an important local historical attraction.

    If you want to visit the living room and see how Wessel grew up, contact Vestby municipality's culture department in advance. You'll get a tour and some funny anecdotes about the living Johan Herman.

    Location: Johnsrudveien 13, 1540 Vestby, Norway

    Open: By appointment

    Phone: +47 982 58 688


    photo by Mahlum (CC0 1.0) modified

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