The restaurant industry in Bergen is defined by its many newcomers and increased technical skill. A large number of visitors and a local population that increasingly knows how to appreciate good food has led to a high demand for good food experiences.

    External influences and a new take on traditional local food help create a variety and quality that the city's own residents and tourists have come to appreciate. An emerging and exciting trend is the desire to use local produce in new ways.



    Real, affordable western food in an informal retro environment

    By late Friday afternoon, the tables at Pingvinen (Penguin) are full of people of all ages. They are attracted to the atmosphere created by the vintage furniture and homely hygge. The interior has a vague feel of visiting older relatives in Western Norway's countryside, which is also reflected in the food.

    The menu is based on traditional Western Norwegian food, prepared from scratch from local produce. Expect dishes such as pickled fish and stew, meatballs and fish gratin, served as it is, but with enthusiasm and local pride.

    Location: Vaskerelven 14, 5014 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Sunday-Friday: 15.00 - 01.00. Saturday from 13.00-01.00.

    Phone: +47 55 60 46 46


    photo by Bernt Rostad (CC BY 2.0) modified



    Real, simple and affordable food from the Horn of Africa

    The choice of restaurants in Bergen is constantly growing, with an international flavor taking hold. Selam has gained a regular clientele with its Ethiopian/Eritrean menu, served in very simple premises for a correspondingly modest price.

    According to Ethiopian/Eritrean custom, you eat with your hands, and the format is most often a form of stew served with a kind of pancake, injera, flavoured with characteristic spice mixes that range from the mild to the very hot. This is definitely an original place to eat, with a local perspective and a liberating informal and uncomplicated atmosphere.

    Location: Nedre Korskirkeallmenningen 5, 5017 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Monday-Thursday: 13.00 til kl. 22.00. Friday and Saturday: 13.30-23.00. Sunday: 15.00-22.00

    Phone: +47 55 31 01 30


    Colonialen Litteraturhuset

    Innovative Nordic food in minimalist Nordic surroundings

    The interior of Colonialen at Litteraturhuset appears simple, but is actually well-thought out and stylish with clean Nordic lines and heaps of elegance. The food has a local focus when it comes to ingredients, but the cooking and presentation has clear influences from continental cuisines such as Italian and French.

    The dish of the day and the three-course menu ensure that it's possible to try the Colonial without it being too expensive, although the price level is generally at the higher end. On the other hand, that's only to be expected for such high standards, ambition and presentation.

    Location: Østre Skostredet 5-7, 5017 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Monday and Tuesday from 11.00-15.00. Wednesday and Saturday from 11.00-15.00 and from 18.00 -21.00.

    Phone: +47 55 90 16 00


    photo by Offfstad (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified


    Daily Pot

    Original soups and stews to take away

    Daily Pot is a small place with just a few seats along a bar with a street view. The concept is soups and 'power bowls' with a focus on healthy and green organic produce. Over half the menu is vegan and also features fermented ingredients as per current food trends.

    The look is contemporary and simple, with an emphasis on untreated surfaces and materials that reflect the simple goodness of the menu. In addition to the changing menu of soups and stews to warm you up as you bustle through the streets of Bergen, they offer homemade cakes, kombucha, matcha and coffee brewed with beans from trendy, exclusive coffee roasters on the continent.

    Location: Vaskerelven 21, 5014 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday from 11.00-18.00. Saturday and Sunday from 12.00-18.00.

    Phone: +47 45 07 53 73



    Ambitious Japanese fusion

    Nama was out early with sushi and sushi-related food, and is still considered a breath of fresh air in Bergen's restaurant life. The restaurant has a trendy feel with a touch of luxury that appeals to the young and adventurous. This is supported by a menu of Japanese sushi dishes adapted to Norwegian eating habits with extra trimmings and flavour.

    There are also more elaborate small dishes with elements from other food cultures, and Japanese barbecue dishes with spices and garnish. With wagyu steak, lobster, scallops and king crab, nothing is spared when it comes to the ingredients.

    Location: Lodin Lepps gate 2B, 5003 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Sunday-Thursday: 16.00-22.00 Friday and Saturday: 16.00-23.00

    Phone: +47 55 32 20 10



    New take on traditional Norwegian produce

    The premises are warm and cosy with antiques and interiors and an old-fashioned atmosphere, but without feeling outdated. The menu is also based on the old, but well-known ingredients, but these are presented in new ways. The kitchen often brings out forgotten traditional dishes such as dravle, but comes into its own when it innovates with bold combinations of ingredients that have been served on Western Norway's tables for many years.

    This is where the traditional brown Norwegian cheese is on the dessert menu rather than on a thick slice of bread. Those who work here are proud of their own food culture, and willingly tell you about how they get fish and shellfish from the sea in the west and meat products from small local producers. Culinary patriotism is balanced with an openness to new influences and originality. The result is an exciting new version of old-style Norwegian food.

    Location: Vetrlidsallmenningen 2, 5014 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Monday-Saturday from 18.00-24.00. Sunday: closed.

    Phone: +47 92 87 18 77



    Pleasant outdoor dining in the heart of the city

    For many people, Logehaven is a lovely place to have a drink outside. This applies all year round as their outdoor heaters, blankets and a mobile roof protect you from the elements. But the short but ingenious menu has more to offer than just drinks.

    The dishes here are mostly standard favourites such as hamburgers and soups, but there's a certain uniqueness in the fact that many ingredients are sourced from local producers, and traditional Western Norwegian food is also represented here. Logehaven is about good, simple food at affordable prices served in a buzzing outdoor environment.

    Location: Øvre Ole Bulls plass 6, 5012 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Sunday-Thursday: 11.00-23.00 Friday and Saturday: 11.00-01.00

    Phone: +47 55 55 49 55


    Bare Vestland

    Showcase for Western Norwegian farm food

    High-quality local ingredients, exquisitely made traditional recipes and excellent service are the ingredients at Bare Vestland. Traditional Norwegian fare such as sour cream, ribs, turnips and lefse are all on the menu, but not in their traditional format.

    This kitchen is constantly coming up with new ways to preserve the essence and flavour of these dishes and to present them creatively in a way that satisfies the nostalgia for old-style western Norwegian food and the desire for an original dining experience. The drinks are also distinctly local, as reflected in the long list of beers from Bergen and other Norwegian microbreweries.

    Location: Vågsallmenningen 1, 5014 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Monday-Saturday: 17.00-22.00. Sunday: closed.

    Phone: +47 91 90 04 56



    Wonderful wine bar in old premises

    Altona is run from what is without doubt one the city's most distinctive premises. Cosy cellar rooms with whitewashed brick walls and wooden beams on the ceiling and plenty of candlelight make this a favourite among Bergen residents who want a romantic dinner with their loved one. But cosy premises are far from the only thing Altona has to offer. Wine lovers can pick and choose from over a thousand wines, and the place is recognised by connoisseurs far beyond the country's borders. The food is slightly different and although the menu is short, every effort is made to offer both variety and quality in line with the wine list.

    Location: Strandgaten 81, 5004 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Monday-Saturday: 18.00-22.30. Sunday: closed.

    Phone: +47 55 30 40 00



    Timeless food from a true classic

    When most visitors come to Bergen and want to sample the local food, they tend to opt for a more modern version of it. But Holbergstuen is all about the traditional approach. Here, staple dishes from Western Norwegian cuisine are served just as they were in the old days. The size of the portions also brings to mind a good old-fashioned family dinner - you certainly won't leave Holbergstuen feeling hungry!

    The interior follows the menu, with the aim of making you feel like you've literally stepped back in time. This place is about well-known and well-tried dishes, and when this works well as it does here, it gives you nothing but pure enjoyment.

    Location: Torgallmenningen 6, 5014 Bergen, Norway

    Open: Monday-Thursday: 11.00 til kl. 23.00. Friday and Saturday: 11.00-24.00. Sunday: 14.00-22.00

    Phone: +47 55 55 20 55


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