Oslo is one of Europe's greenest capitals! You won't have to travel far to find a park in this city, and the locals know how to appreciate their many public outdoor areas.

    With a history that is far more removed from nobility and the upper classes than other cities on the continent, most parks in Oslo were originally designed to serve as green spaces for the workers as opposed to lavish facilities for the rich to stroll in. This tradition continues today, and in summer, Oslo's parks are the place for picnics, outdoor games and getting to know your neighbours.


    Frogner Park in Oslo

    Biggest Park in Western Oslo

    Frogner Park is more than just one park. This joined up park area extends from Kirkevegen to Thune and attracts both locals and tourists, albeit perhaps to different areas.

    Skøyenparken and Frognerparken are large, open green areas popular with dog walkers, runners and people enjoying picnics. Gustav Vigeland's sculpture park is also located in the centre of the park and attracts visitors from all over the city. And you'll also find a playground, restaurants and - on the outskirts - a stadium and outdoor swimming facilities.

    Location: Kirkeveien, 0268 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Open 24/7


    The Vigeland Park

    Skulpture Collection Above All Others

    With over a million visitors a year, the Vigeland Park within Frognerparken is one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions. And with good reason: the sculptures that Gustav Vigeland erected here over a 20-year period in the last century are both fascinating and photogenic.

    From the port at the main entrance to the park in Kirkeveien, up past the Monolitten masterpiece and to the end of the park is just under 850 metres. On this stretch you will be able to see 214 different sculptures created by Vigeland for this park - a work that took over forty years, until the artist's death in 1943.

    Location: Frogner Park, 0268 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Open 24/7


    Palace Park

    The Park that Removes All Differences between Royalty and the Common Man

    The Royal Palace is located at the end of Oslo's parade street, Karl Johan. The building is surrounded by Slottparken, a pleasant area that is open to everyone - around the clock.

    The part that slopes down towards Drammensveien is called Dronningparken, and is the only place where some outdoor areas are sealed off. On the other side of the park - towards Parkveien and Wergelandsveien - you can often find exhibitions of outdoor art installations. This is perhaps the most popular among visitors, while Oslo's permanent residents have their own fascination with the areas that point down towards the city centre. This is because it is full of cosy little nooks, which are particularly perfect for when you're on a date.

    Location: Slottsplassen 1, 0010 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Open 24/7

    Phone: +47 22 04 87 00


    Sofienberg Park

    Space for Everyone

    Grünerløkka is surrounded by open areas, with Sofienbergparken in the east being the largest of these. With vast grassy areas shaded by beautiful trees, Sofienbergparken is the perfect place for a picnic.

    At the east end of the park is Sofienberg church, and right next to it you can also visit the old Jewish cemetery in the city. There are exciting photo opportunities for anyone who likes action photos of dogs playing, children running and people enjoying themselves. It's easy to make new friends in Sofienberg Park.

    Location: Sofienberggata 14, 0558 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Open 24/7

    Phone: +47 21 80 21 80


    photo by Kjetil Ree (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified



    Rectacngular Park with Stone Slabs, a Pavillion and Benches

    Grünerløkka is one of the districts that was incorporated into Oslo in the middle of the 19th century, and the buildings were from then on built in brick. This gives the whole area a neat, angular feel, which is also repeated in the parks.

    Birkelunden is the highest of the parks on the "Løkka" itself, and nicely laid out in three blocks. The park has a fountain, a music pavillion and some lovely patches of grass. Several flea markets, concerts and general markets are held here throughout the year, which are highly popular with the locals in the surrounding area. And you are guaranteed to love them too!

    Location: 0553 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Open 24/7

    Phone: +47 21 80 21 80


    photo by Kjetil Ree (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Ekeberg Park

    Scultpture Park with Lovely City View

    The slope between Ekebergsletta and the Old Town has for a long time been a popular place for city residents to reach higher altitudes and to stretch their legs. And now they have even more reasons to go there.

    After decades of neglect, the Ekeberg restaurant has finally been restored to a place of pride, which has meant an upgrade to the surrounding green area too. The place is now a unique green area, with endless eye-catching and interesting sculptures. You can of course just come here for a walk, but do bring your camera to capture some of the intriguing works of art.

    Location: Kongsveien 23, 0193 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Open 24/7

    Phone: +47 21 42 19 19


    photo by Kjetil Ree (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park

    City's Smallest Park, but Still of Interest

    After a long time as Aker Brygge's overlooked younger brother, Tjuvholmen has finally found its place among the must-see sights in Oslo. Whether you want to hit the beach or take in the exhibitions at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, the sculpture park on Tjuvholmen is less than a stone's throw away.

    The small grassy site is perfect for enjoying a simple lunch from one of Aker's many restaurants that offer take-aways, but the sculptures here can be enjoyed just on their own. Summers tend to get busy, but in winter this place really becomes magical.

    Location: Strandpromenaden 2, 0252 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Open 24/7

    Phone: +47 23 11 88 90


    photo by Helge Høifødt (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Tøyen Park

    Much More than Just the Øya Festival

    Finnmarksgata runs from the Old Town to Carl Berner's Square, and large parts of the road section are flanked by Tøyen Park on the right. Since becoming less accessible to heavy traffic, the park has enjoyed a real boost.

    Tøyen Park is probably best known as the location of Norway's most internationally renowned music festival, Øya Festival, which began in 2014. But there is more to Tøyen Park than just partying and fun. At the southernmost end of the park is a very popular sports field, while the eastern corner is home to the ever-popular Tøyenbadet (closed 2020–2023).

    Location: Helgesens gate 90, 0563 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Open 24/7

    Phone: +47 02180


    photo by Helge Høifødt (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified



    Perfect Outdoor Lunch Spot

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    This is probably more of a place to stop to look at life than a park, but Studenterlunden is still one of the city's most popular places for workers wanting a quick break or to enjoy their lunch outside in the fresh air.

    With the National Theatre and the Storting at either end of the park, Studenterlunden and Spikersuppa are areas everyone in Oslo is connected to in some way. During the winter, a number of events are held here, including the Christmas market, ice rink and more. Summer is a time for open-air concerts, but the area is also kept open so that you can take a well-deserved breather with a coffee and fresh bun, or maybe some treats for the many small birds.

    Location: Johanne Dybwads plass, 0161 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Open 24/7


    Kampen Park

    Cosy Green Area in the East

    Along with Rodeløkka, Kampen is probably Oslo's most authentic Norwegian district. The area still has wooden houses from before the district was incorporated into Christiania, and with Kampen park as the local recreation area, it's no wonder that the district is so popular.

    The park is located north of Kampen itself, cut off by busy roads on one side. But it is surprisingly quiet and idyllic here, given its height above the city. The central lake makes thia a cool place to stop on hot days, and the steep slopes up to the top give you a proper workout even in a short distance.

    Location: Sons gate 3A, 0654 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Open 24/7

    Phone: +47 21 80 21 80


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