Oslo is a diverse and international city, and this is certainly reflected in the choice of eateries here. The locals are always willing to try something new, and international trends are also popular. Increased awareness of food quality, locally produced goods, ecology and good craftsmanship has led to a boom in specialised grocery stores.

    Street food is a highly popular concept, and several food halls with stalls with ready-made food from all corners of the world have established themselves in different parts of the city. Oslo's food lovers welcome newcomers on the food scene and appreciate the constant development in terms of scope, quality and variety among food sales.


    Maschmanns Foot Market

    A Bountiful Feast on Skøyen

    Maschmann's Food Market is packed with foods of all kinds and evokes a feeling of abundance and a love of food. Not only does the market boast large counters of fresh fish, meat and ready meals, but also all kinds of delicacies and speciality fare from both Norway and other countries. The presentation of the stalls is both impressive and inspiring - and you may leave with more in your shopping bags than you expected.

    Maschmann's Food Market is all about variety, exclusivity and quality, and a service with in-depth knowledge of the products sold there. The produce is priced accordingly, but when only the best is good enough, Maschmann's is the place for you. The market includes a bakery and pizzeria, and you'll struggle to find better pizzas in Oslo.

    Location: Karenslyst Allé 51, 0279 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 09.00–20.00 Wednesday, Saturday: 09.00–18.00 Sunday: 11.00-18.00

    Phone: +47 22 55 33 44


    Mathallen Oslo

    Everything the Palate Desires - Under One Roof

    Mathallen Oslo is a ready-meals market located in an old industrial hall in the art and culture-oriented district of Vulkan by the Akerselva in the heart of the capital. They call themselves a centre for Norwegian food culture, and with traditional Norwegian goods such as fresh quality fish, fruit from Norwegian gardens, beer from microbreweries across the country, sausages and cured meats, they're true to their word.

    But Mathallen is much more than just a food hall. Competent people from all over the world sell ready-made food from other countries and continents, such as bao and ceviche, pintxos from the Basque Country and wine from Tokaj. It is impossible not to find something to tempt your tastebuds here, and the Culinary Academy also teaches you how to get the most out of the ingredients.

    Location: Vulkan 5, 0178 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Tuesday-Saturday: 10.00-20.00. Sundays: 11.00-18.00. Mondays: closed.

    Phone: +47 40 00 12 09


    photo by Helge Høifødt (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Rustal Food Market

    Unique Experience in Idyllic Damstredet

    Rustal food market may not quite live up to its name as it is a solitary store, but then again, this isn't just any store. The corner premises at the top of the idyllic Damstredet are surrounded by outdoor shelves brimming with vegetables from far afield, while inside the store, all kinds of items are stacked tightly from floor to ceiling.

    The interior can seem cluttered and overwhelming if you're unfamiliar with the items - and there are probably many people who are. The product range is mainly sourced from other continents, the East in particular, and if you're looking for something oriental that you won't find anywhere else, then this might just be the place that stocks it.

    Location: Damstredet 2, 0177 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday: 10.00-20.00. Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-21.00.

    Phone: +47 45 20 01 00


    Oslo Street Food

    Street Food in City Centre

    Oslo Street Food is a collection of 16 food stalls under one roof in the old Torggata bath, in the area around Youngstorget in the centre of the capital. This is a district with an ever-increasing selection and variety of food offerings, but Oslo Street Food focuses on a completely separate segment: top-quality fast street food from all of the world's continents.

    Even the most discerning will be tempted here, and even the most world-savvy are likely to find something new to try, such as vegan food from the countries along the Silk Road, genuine Phillipino flavours, bread langos from Hungary, wok noodles from Thailand and a Japanese menu of dishes with enigmatic names that you simply have to sample to understand what they are. Pricey but tasty.

    Location: Torggata 16, 0181 Oslo, Norway

    Open: From Monday-Thursday: 11.00–23.00. Sunday: 12.00-22.00.

    Phone: +47 22 04 00 44


    Farmers' Market

    Local Quality Produce Fresh from the Farm

    The Farmer's Market is an initiative that gives small food producers the opportunity to sell their goods directly to customers. In Oslo, the market moves around a bit, so it's worth checking the website www.bondensmarked.no to know where and when the next one is.

    The produce varies from time to time, but there is usually a nice mix of items to take home along with ready-made food to sample while you browse the stalls. You can also find speciality products such as mead herb juice, kling, sea buckthorn jam and knaost, but this market isn't really about the exotic or exclusive: It's about products from producers who care about quality, animal welfare, ecology, local production - and enjoying food!

    Phone: +47 22 05 48 80


    Vippa Food Market

    International Street Food at Vippetangen

    Vippa food market is an example of the trendy scheme with a varied selection of international food stalls gathered in one place. Vippa's competitive advantage is a conscious investment in locally produced and short-haul food (to the extent that this is possible when combined with world food), as wel las its location, because even though it is located in one of the less attractive parts of Oslo harbour, it is always a pleasure to be able to sit in the sun and look out over the water while eating and drinking.

    The range of produce on offer is as diverse as it gets, with a double-digit number of stalls selling everything from locally-produced sausages and burgers to Middle Eastern classics such as baba ganoush and real Chinese dumplings.

    Location: Akershusstranda 25, 0150 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Temporarily closed

    Phone: +47 91 72 80 43


    photo by Olivier Bruchez (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    Grønland Food Market

    Plenty of Fruit and Veg at Grønland

    Grønland Torg Frukt og Grønt is a grocery store that takes pride in beating the competition on both diversity and price. Customers are always delighted to come away with bulging shopping bags and wallets that haven't taken too bad a hit. The only downside is the shortage of space, and it could have done with larger premises.

    But no one can complain at the selection at Grønland Torg Frukt og Grønt. They claim to have over 170 different types of fruits and vegetables, which should include most of what is offered by edible plants in Norway. They also sell a wide variety of spices, tea and olive dishes.

    Location: Smalgangen, 0301 Oslo, Norway

    Open: From Monday to Saturday: 08.00–21.00 Sunday: closed.

    Phone: +47 22 17 04 92


    Flavours Food Market

    Fresh Quality Produce for People on the Go

    Flavours Food Market sells fresh products and ready-made food in large, spacious premises at Oslo Central Station. Its location at Oslo's public transport hub means that this is a place where people often need a bite to eat while on the go, and Flavours Food Market offers a salad bar, fresh sandwiches and other light snacks.

    The product selection centres around local organic produce with seasonal variations. Alongside fresh fruit and vegetables, they sell exclusive chocolate, French pastries and trendy food and drinks. A large and well-stocked cheese and olive counter complement the menu.

    Location: Østbanehallen, Jernbanetorget 1, 0154 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday: 07.00–21.00. Saturday: 08.00–20.00 Sunday: 11.00-22.00.

    Phone: +47 21 52 52 85


    Stortorvet Market

    Fruit and Veg by Oslo Cathedral

    Stortorvet is the traditional square in front of Oslo Cathedral, by Grensen in the heart of Oslo. The area has an important place in the city's history, symbolised by the statue of the Danish king Christian IV, which stands in the middle of the square. As the name suggests, this was a significant marketplace in its time, but trade has mostly moved to other places now.

    What is left of the market trade now consists mainly of flowers and other ornamental plants, but in summer there are also stalls selling fruit and vegetables.

    Location: Stortorvet, 0155 Oslo, Norway

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