New Taipei is a massive region that surrounds the neon lights, skyscrapers and night markets of thriving Taipei City, and extends out to the sleepy Northern coast, the lush mountainous regions around Shenkeng, the surfing enclaves of Fulung, and the industrial districts of Xinzhuang and Shulin. All in all, there are 29 districts with 3.5 million people in New Taipei, providing a diverse experience for any traveller. 

    Some of New Taipei’s highlights include Shifen Waterfall, Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, the teahouses of old-world Jiufen, tranquil Bitan Lake and Fulong Beach, which hosts the 3-day Hohaiyan Rock Festival in July. Buzzing Taipei City is also easily accessible from New Taipei via MRT, so you'll have little trouble moving between the coast and the city, and the old world and the new.

    Where to shop & what to buy in New Taipei City

    • 10 Local Shopping Spots in New Taipei

      New Taipei City is a large city with bustling metropolitan shopping districts and traditional old streets, each with their own distinctive features. You'll find a variety of shopping areas in the city. The Banqiao Fuzhong area is as large as a commercial district in an international city, while Yonghe has a unique Korean street and the Fu Jen University district...

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