The best things to do after dinner in Lisbon include cool spots and activities in the Portuguese capital for those looking to extend their evening. While Lisbon locals don’t eat as late as their neighbours in Spain, you might still have to adjust your expectations as gatherings rarely happen before 8 pm.

    This delayed start simply means much of the city stays open long after the sun has set over Lisbon’s 7 hills. With options ranging from world-class theatre performances to rooftop bars and nightlife districts, adopting a late-night perspective comes naturally when you’re immersed in the city’s alluring culture.


    Parque das Nacoes

    Explore Lisbon’s modern architecture by night

    Parque das Nacoes is where travellers to Lisbon can find the ultramodern side of the city. Situated along the northeastern edge of the Tagus River, the site was initially developed for the Expo ‘98 World Fair. Today, it’s a fascinating district featuring contemporary structures, vibrant gardens and public art.

    If you’re exploring Lisbon after dark, Parque das Nacoes makes for a fascinating stroll as the area comes to life with dazzling streetscapes. As you wander the waterfront, keep an eye out for highlights like Casino Lisboa and the cable cars of Telecabine Lisbon.

    Location: Parque das Nações, Lisbon, Portugal


    Lisbon miradouros (viewpoints)

    Capture the beauty of Lisbon from a lofty viewpoint

    Lisbon’s famous miradouros, or viewpoints, rise high above the city to provide locals and visitors with a stunning backdrop. With incredibly scenic vantage points spread across the city, there’s no shortage of remarkable places to snap photos and create unforgettable memories.

    If you happen to be exploring Lisbon during the warmer months, you’ve got plenty of time after dinner to relish the sunset. Take a trip to Mirador de Graça to admire its picturesque city and ocean views. Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte is where you’ll find the city’s highest vantage point.

    Location: Lisbon, Portugal



    One of the city’s trendiest spots for drinks and arts

    LxFactory is one of Lisbon’s most creative venues, housed within a series of rejuvenated industrial structures. This trendy destination is home to more than 50 arts organisations, retail stores, restaurants and cafés. Situated in the fashionable neighbourhood of Alcântara, art-lovers won’t have any problem spending hours exploring its spaces.

    Everywhere you look, street art murals and installations showcase Lisbon’s artistic spirit. LxFactory also presents weekly flea markets and creative events running late into the evening. It’s outside the centre of town but you’ll be rewarded with cool bars and a lovely atmosphere.

    Location: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal

    Open: Daily from 9 am to 10.30 pm


    Lisbon rooftop bars

    Hot spots to see the cityscape lit up

    Lisbon’s wealth of rooftop bars makes up most of the soaring landscape of the so-called “City of 7 Hills”. These lofty venues allow you to gaze out across the cityscape, and they provide you with the perfect conclusion to an evening stroll or dinner at a local restaurant.

    There’s a wide variety to choose from. For those staying near the upmarket hub of Chiado, the Entretanto Rooftop Bar offers unmatched views and delicious cocktails. Down Rua da Misericórdia, The V Rooftop Bar also features panoramic views, with great tunes and refreshing drinks.


    National Theater of Sao Carlos

    Opera and symphonies in a historic location

    The National Theater of Sao Carlos (Teatro Nacional de São Carlos) is situated in the historical neighbourhood of Chiado, rising above the streetscape with its charming neoclassical facade. First opened in 1793 by Queen Maria I, the building underwent several changes over the years to ensure it remains one of the best places to experience opera, choirs and symphonic music.

    Inside are 3 theatres. The largest performances occur in the Main Hall, while the Grand Hall is reserved for intimate recitals and musical productions. With a stunning royal box and ceiling design to see, exploring the entire theatre is a rewarding experience.

    Location: R. Serpa Pinto 9, 1200-442 Lisboa, Portugal

    Phone: +351 21 325 0000


    Fado shows

    Enduring Portuguese folk music

    Every traveller to Lisbon must experience a Fado show at least once. With this passionate Portuguese musical genre dating back to before the 1820s, the style is best known for its gloomy lyrics and sombre melodies. Even so, the music’s melancholic nature is part of its charm, as these songs recount the country’s long-lasting traditions.

    If you’re keen to catch a stunning performance, a wide variety of options exist across the city. While many of the shows include a dining experience, renowned Fado venues such as Duetos da Sé, A Nini and Tasca do Chico ensure you can simply turn up and enjoy this rousing experience.


    Pink Street

    A storied backstreet with charming restaurants

    Pink Street has become one of the most sought picture-postcard locations in Lisbon. Yet it wasn’t always known for its welcoming attitude. Situated near the city’s bustling port, the area was once known as Lisbon’s thriving red-light district, with brothels, underground casinos and dive bars found around every corner.

    The city decided to end this in 2011, with the street now becoming a popular tourist destination teeming with charming watering holes and eateries. Plus, there are still a few quirky stores that reflect the street’s past. So, simply head along and snap some fun pictures of this intriguing landmark on your evening strolls.

    Location: R. Nova do Carvalho 24, 1200-161 Lisboa, Portugal


    National Theatre of D. Maria II

    Shows and backstage tours

    The National Theatre of D. Maria II (Teatro Nacional Doña María II) is recognised as one of Portugal’s most prestigious theatres. Its fabled history stretches back to the 15th century. Housed inside the splendid neoclassical facade is a famous stage that hosts large-scale performances while smaller offshoots feature creative performances by local artists.

    For lovers of history, architecture and live performances, the Teatro Nacional Doña María II hosts weekly guided tours where you’re welcomed into the incredible backstage areas. With these tours available in numerous languages, you’ll get to know the fascinating stories behind this renowned theatre.

    Location: Praça Dom Pedro IV, 1100-201 Lisboa, Portugal

    Phone: +351 21 325 0800


    Casa Independente

    A unique Lisbon bar with wild decor

    Casa Independente is a unique creative space in Lisbon with every room featuring an eye-catching theme. Situated in a quiet plaza in the eclectic Intendente neighbourhood, this converted apartment building now serves delicious cocktails alongside live music, local DJs and other artistic events.

    After dinner, head to Casa Independente to explore a bar you’ve never seen before. As you wander between the spaces, you’re bound to feel a little hypnotised by the ever-changing decor and lighting. Plus, there’s a comfortable alfresco terrace where you can enjoy the night sky and cool off after a dance.

    Location: Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 45, 1100-285 Lisboa, Portugal

    Open: Tuesday–Thursday from 5 pm to midnight, Friday–Saturday from 5 pm to 2 am


    Bairro Alto

    Lisbon’s best-known nightlife district

    Bairro Alto is the biggest hot spot for nightlife in Lisbon. The Portuguese capital is well-known across Europe as a party paradise, with clubs spread across the city ensuring you can keep the action going until the sun comes up. The hedonistic neighbourhood of Bairro Alto is its beating heart.

    Home to around 100 nightclubs and bars, revellers frequently bubble over into the streets as they head between popular venues like Groove Bar, Maria Caxuxa and Incógnito. Further afield, the likes of Ministerium Club and Kremlin also attract big crowds that stick around through the early hours.

    Location: Bairro Alto, Lisbon, Portugal

    Hudson Brown | Contributing Writer

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