A visit to Stavanger is not complete without you being able to capture some of the city's great views on camera. You could also bring your phone and do a live blog of images or videos. Whatever you choose, you're guaranteed to have more photo opportunities than you have followers to show them off to! Because Stavanger has an awful lot that deserves to be shown off - tagged with #nofilter, #photooftheday or #beautiful.


    Old Stavanger

    Idyllic wooden houses and narrow streets

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    The charming district of Old Stavanger is a small strip of land well-situated between Vågen and Haugvalstads gate. Although not particularly large, it is a great place to go on hunt for photo opportunities - whether you want to take selfies in front of the white-painted wooden houses or you prefer to take atmospheric black-and-white photos.

    The fact that the district is located west of Stavanger, also means that you will be able to get the light from several angles during the day, which in turn gives you an exciting variety of scenes to capture.

    Location: Øvre Strandgate, 4005 Stavanger, Norway



    Camera-friendly, inviting and full of life

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    Øvre Holmegate and the surrounding area were for a long time treated like the black sheep of the family by Stavanger's trade and government authorities, but have recently received a boost in the form of colourful paint.

    Today it is a lively shopping street where cafés offer inviting outdoor seating, shops display gorgeous items in the windows and people like to stroll and browse both in the week and on weekends. Øvre Holmegate is the perfect road for capturing people's lives, fun signs and eclectic shop windows.

    Location: Øvre Holmegate 32, 4006 Stavanger, Norway



    A pretty scene in the city park

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    Like so many other cities, Stavanger offers nature-friendly diversions, but none of the parks here are quite as photogenic as Breiavatnet and the green area surrounding the sea. You can get "skyline" images from all angles, across the water and with urban buildings at the back, although some buildings are more striking than others.

    Kongsgård Cathedral School and Stavanger Cathedral are both located on the shores of the water, and make great scenes for your next instastory. The paths around the water are filled with dog walkers, people exercising and being active, which can bring movement to your pictures.

    Location: 4005 Stavanger, Norway


    Bøker og Børst

    More than just food and drink

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    Bøker og børst is a café that serves wonderful coffee in the day, but which turns up the music and serves great drinks as day gives way to evening. A paradise for anyone who likes to take detailed pictures. What makes it so photogenic is the huge range of details they have managed to fill the café with.

    This is the place to snap away. Tags like #details, #photooftheday and #interiordesign are great for tagging a place like Bøker og Børst, and as the party mood takes over, there will be plenty of opportunities for selfies.

    Location: Øvre Holmegate 32, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: 10.00-00.30.

    Phone: +47 51 86 04 76


    The grafitti district

    Modern art on walls and windows

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    Stavanger has been hosting the street art festival NuArt for many years now, making its city walls, facades and urban spaces available to artists. Art created by icons such as 1UP, Paul Harfleet, Nuno Viegas and OX, which adorns a number of buildings around the city.

    Although several of the works are removed each year after the end of the festival, there are always some who are allowed to stay. The area around Nytorget features several years of art from NuArt, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you'll notice there is art all around the city.

    Location: Nytorget, 4013 Stavanger, Norway


    The Geopark

    Take a stroll in a different type of park

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    The Geo Park outside the Oil Museum has been built from residues and discarded material from the oil and other heavy industry. There is almost no greenery here - just graffiti and corroded metal. It could easily have become depressing and industrial, but has instead developed into a playful, inspiring and alternative type of park.

    And keen photographers have long been coming here. Although the park is frequented by all types of people, you will almost always see someone taking photos here, either professionally or to provide the best #industrial or #photo photos for their followers on Instagram.

    Location: Stavanger Sentrum, 4013 Stavanger, Norway



    City's most popular beach

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    Stavanger Airport has been based out at Sola for a number of years now, but that doesn't stop the city's population from flocking to the beach here on hot summer days. It's only a short distance to town from here, and with the white beach and shallow bathing area, Solastranden attracts happy bathers for as long as the weather permits.

    For keen photographers, the life here, the airport and the old Sola Strandhotell are all popular motifs. Behind the beach is the Sola church ruin, perfect for those more atmospheric and reflective photos.

    Location: Nordsjøvegen 299, 4053 Rege, Norway


    Pulpit Rock

    Norway's most photographed place

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    As well as being the most photographed place in Norway, Pulpit Rock is probably also the most photogenic place in the country. This makes it a popular attraction, so don't count on being the only here taking pictures of the view, high above the Lysefjord. If you want to be a bit more original, have your camera ready as you embark on the almost 4-kilometre hike up to the viewing point.

    Although this is everyone's ultimate goal, the more creative instagrammer will be able to find a wealth of great motifs along one of Norway's most enigmatic mountain hikes.

    Location: 4129 Songesand, Norway


    Stavanger Cathedral

    Experience the Middle Ages up close

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    The beautiful Stavanger Cathedral has a history that dates back to the 12th century. As it stands today, the building is more or less as it was in the 14th century, and anyone who likes to take pictures of Gothic architecture with heavy stone and elaborate lighting fixtures, will certainly be spoilt for choice here.

    But you can also recreate some of that calming and thought-provoking atmosphere inherent to most churches. And even though the church is built of predominantly grey stone, the detail-oriented photographer will be able to find exciting colour schemes in between.

    Location: Haakon VIIs gate 2, 4005 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: Monday-Friday: 11.00-16.00. Saturday-Sunday: closed.

    Phone: +47 51 84 04 00



    A stroll along Vågen is great for photo opportunities

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    The inner part of Stavanger harbour goes by the name of Vågen, and there are many signs that this was once an important and busy centre for unloading and loading ships. Now shipping has moved elsewhere, and Skagenkaien - which runs along the east side of Vågen - has become a street full of nightclubs and shops in historic buildings.

    If you bring your camera here, you will easily be able to find facades, detailed wood structures and many fun signs that fit nicely with the tag #dailylife.

    Location: 4006 Stavanger, Norway


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