With the new concert hall, Stavanger has gained a formidable venue for classical music and major artists. But the city also offers plenty of venues for other music genres and lesser known artists. The heart of the Vågen district is considered the most popular and has the widest appeal.

    The hip and colourful Øvre Holmegate has become a good alternative with a different feel and taste. Not sure where to go? Don't worry – Stavanger is so compact that you can easily get around most of it in the course of an evening or night. Here are some places you should check out.


    Bøker og børst

    The bookworm's waterhole in colour street

    • Nightlife

    The lively, colourful pedestrian street Øvre Holmegate is full of whimsical shops, art, cafés and bars. Bøker of børst is particularly popular- especially among bookworms and beer lovers. The interior is dominated by shelves upon shelves of books, even in the windows and toilets.

    They are not only yours to read while visiting, they also look nice and soften the noise and chatter from the many visitors here. And this is a place where it's easy to get chatty, thanks to the large and varied beer menu. The different coffees are also very popular here. On warm days, be prepared to fight for a seat in the rear courtyard. This is also a great place for board game enthusiasts, although there is just as much entertainment to be had by watching the people go by on the street outside.

    Location: Øvre Holmegate 32, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: Every day: 10.00-00.30

    Phone: +47 51 86 04 76


    Stavanger Concert Hall

    Magnificent new musical concert hall

    • Nightlife

    At the far end of Vågen, past Old Stavanger, is a cluster of cultural institutions with Stavanger Concert Hall at the heart. This is a new building, which opened in 2012, with modern premises and all types of musical performances. The Zetlitz hall is highly versatile with the ability to adjust both size and acoustics, so that it is just as suitable for rock concerts with up to 1900 spectators as for an opera for 700.

    The Fartein Valen orchestra hall has a capacity of 1500 people, and is a classical concert hall with optimal acoustics for the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and other acoustic music. Local residents are delighted with their new concert hall - which is set to host many cultural experiences in years to come.

    Location: Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: Depends on events

    Phone: +47 51 53 70 00


    photo by AFNDG (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified


    Broremann Bar

    Lively cocktail bar by the harbour

    • Nightlife

    The trendy Broremann Bar takes cocktail mixing very seriously. They love to share their knowledge, and invite you to cocktail tastings for groups, including talks on products and ingredients. This elegant yet fun bar includes a lovely rear courtyard with low lighting and plants.

    The courtyard and other rooms area available for hire to groups, and are popular venues for informal work get-togethers and birthday celebrations. The location just outside the light trail makes this a good place for a slightly quieter evening.

    Location: Skansegata 7, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: Friday and Saturday: 16.00-02.00. All other days: 18.00-02.00

    Phone: +47 40 63 67 83


    Cardinal Pub

    World-class beer temple

    • Nightlife

    Over a decade on RateBeer's list of top 50 pubs basically says everything there is to say about the Cardinal Pub. But to elaborate a little: this is a place for beer lovers, not only from Stavanger, but from all over the world. With around 600 types of beer, they have good reason to claim to have Norway's largest and best beer selection.

    Pleasant premises with plenty of space and soft music to facilitate conversation - preferably about the beer's colour, foam and taste. If you don't know your malt from your hops, this is the place to learn. Book a place for theme tasting with a beer guide, and you will quickly become a beer nerd with a full understanding of concepts such as lambic and kveik, IPA, APA and NEIPA.

    Location: Skagen 21, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: From Monday to Wednesday: 15.00-01.30. From Thursday to Saturday: 12.00-01.30. Sunday: 18.00-24.00

    Phone: +47 98 20 42 00


    The Irishman

    Stavanger's oldest Irish pub

    • Nightlife

    With a predominantly green interior, British sports playing on the TV screens, pint glasses filled with frothy, dark Guinness - The Irishman is the closest you'll get to a real Irish pub in Stavanger, and with about three decades behind it, this pub has become a bit of an institution.

    A cosy bar with a great atmosphere and friendly people. Live Irish music on Saturdays lifts the fun atmosphere even higher. This is mainly a place to have a good natter over a beer on a night out, but on cold afternoons, it also makes the perfect spot for a peaceful Irish coffee by the fire.

    Location: Høleberggata 9, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: Monday and Tuesday: 17.00-24.00. Wednesday: 17.00-24.00. Thursday and Friday: 15.00-02.00. Saturday: 13.00-02.00. Sunday: 15.00-24.00

    Phone: +47 51 89 41 81


    Bar Bache

    Brun pub

    • Nightlife
    • Budget

    When Bar Bache opened in 2007, it was basically a cognac bar, but it has since developed into a prime example of the term "brown pub". The atmosphere is that of a traditional pub with an unpretentious interior where affordable beer is served by the pint to people who like to sit and have a natter. Bar Bache can still be lively when the music is turned up at weekends, and with cocktails, whiskey and wine on the menu, there is certainly plenty of variety.

    The friendly staff and cosy premises in the "colour street" of Øvre Holmegate make this a great place to sit. The limited entertainment programme includes a quiz on Wednesday nights and sport on TV.

    Location: Øvre Holmegate 5, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: Monday: 17.00-00.30. From Tuesday to Thursday: 14.00-00.30. Friday: 14.00-02.00. Saturday: 13.00-02.00. Sunday: 14.00-00.30

    Phone: +47 51 59 42 00



    Wine for the people

    • Nightlife

    The wine-savvy people behind Vinkontoret were fed up with beer being the main drink in Stavanger's nightlife, and decided to do something about it. Since 2017, they have tried to spread the word with the help of a large wine list, suitable food for the wine, and open arms for both wine connoisseurs and curious beginners.

    They love to share their knowledge and organise wine tastings, talks and activities around their favourite subject. The wine cellar is impressive and prices are varied, so there is something to suit all budgets.

    Location: Skagen 16, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: From Thursday-Saturday: 18.00-00.30. Other days: closed

    Phone: +47 97 75 81 40



    The place to go for live music in Stavanger

    • Nightlife

    Located in the city centre, in the heart of Vågen, Backstage attracts a diverse clientele, often with a flair for drinks, dancing and live music. The concept is classic nightclub, hence the age limit of 20 and a perhaps more adult clientele than in other similar places. Live music most nights creates a great atmosphere, while the temperature on the dance floor tends to heat up as the evening wears on.

    The outdoor terrace out front is a nice place to see and be seen, both in the summer sun and throughout the autumn, when heaters and blankets ensure that the cold doesn't bite too much.

    Location: Skagenkaien 5, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: Daily: 22.00-03.00

    Phone: +47 51 85 95 50


    Blyge Harry

    Hip cellar with its own cosy scene

    • Nightlife

    Blyge Harry may not be the most outgoing nightclub in Stavanger, but some swear that this is the coolest place to be. They promise cultural fulfilment, peaceful vibes and a great atmosphere, and deliver it in the form of a warm cellar where you get up close to the artists.

    The programme features live jazz every other Tuesday and every Saturday afternoon. Everything from rock to classical music is played on the small stage, otherwise it's funky or exotic tunes from the turntable. The age limit is 20-years, with the exception of Tuesday jazz when young jazz enthusiasts over 18 are also allowed in.

    Location: Østervåg 41, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: Thursday and Friday: 20.00-01.30. Saturday: 16.00-01.30. Other days: closed (except during concerts/events)

    Phone: +47 95 44 37 72



    A good old outdoor venue with live music

    • Nightlife

    Munken bar is a good old outdoor venue with a loyal clientele. A cosy cellar bar with friendly people and reasonably priced drinks means a good atmosphere over the course of the evening. The comprehensive programme of live music performed by local artists is very well received by the audience.

    This place has no pretensions beyond welcoming its guests and offering them the opportunity to listen or sing along when the musicians are on stage. The recipe is simple: standard beer, standard rock from the speakers and a standard good service from the bar staff.

    Location: Prostebakken 2, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

    Open: Saturday: 15.00-02.00. All other days: 18.00-02.00

    Phone: +47 45 51 55 52


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