Finland boasts around 75 ski resorts, a relatively large number in a country without mountains. The resorts are on hills and fells that are covered in snow for around 200 days a year. The ski season in Finland starts as soon as October and ends as late as May. Many ski resorts extend the length of the season with the help of efficient snowmaking practices, snow farming and with various indoor skiing opportunities. 

    The best ski resorts in Finland offer slopes for every skill level. While most runs are fairly easy, wide and short, you can find a few world-class race slopes that are challenging enough even for professionals. Snowboarders and off-piste skiers will find plenty of options, too. Many Finnish ski resorts provide facilities for families, offering suitable lifts and slopes for children, as well as other winter activities.



    Take advantage of a long ski season in this versatile ski resort

    Levi is one of the largest ski and recreation resorts in Finland. It’s located 170 km north of the Arctic Circle and the city of Rovaniemi. You can find a wide range of slopes that are suitable for both novice and experienced skiers, as well as 2 snow parks and 230 km of cross-country skiing trails. Snowmobiling and dog sledding are popular options, too.

    The ski season in Levi usually starts in October and lasts until mid-May. The area surrounding the ski resort has many hotels, cottages and apartments. Levi is the only ski resort in Finland to host one of the Alpine Skiing World Cup competitions. World Cup Levi is usually held at the start of the season in November, before the weather gets too cold.

    Location: Hissitie 8, 99130 Kittilä, Finland

    Phone: +358 (0)20 7960200



    Ski and go sledding in the middle of untouched nature

    Saariselkä, located 128 km north of Sodankylä, is one of the northernmost ski resorts in the world. It's about a 25-minute drive south of Ivalo, covering part of the Urho Kekkonen National Park. Cross-country skiing is one of the resort's main attractions as it offers around 200 km of trails that suit any skill level. An efficient snowmaking system allows cross-country skiing season to last from October to May in Saariselkä. 

    There are 15 slopes for downhill skiers and a wide range of winter activities on offer for the whole family. One of Saariselkä's specialities is a 1.8-km-long toboggan run, which can be reached by a chair lift. The nearby area offers plenty of accommodation options and amenities, while the peaceful wilderness is always just a few steps away from Saariselkä. 

    Location: Kullanhuuhtojantie, 99830 Saariselkä, Finland

    Phone: +358 (0)16 668882



    Enjoy guaranteed snow activities at this popular ski resort

    Ruka is a lively alpine-style village in Kuusamo, near the Russian border. The resort has 21 ski lifts and 34 ski slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, as well as an extensive network of cross-country skiing trails. The ski season in Ruka usually lasts between October and May. 

    The Rosa & Rudolf Family Park offers easy slopes and lifts for children. You can also enjoy other snow-related activities without any equipment thanks to the snow tubing slope and snow play area. The Ruka pedestrian village offers direct access to the slopes without having to cross a single street. The opening of the FIS Cross-Country World Cup takes place at the end of November.

    Location: Rukatunturintie 9, 93825 Ruka, Finland

    Phone: +358 (0)8 8600250



    Ski year round in this versatile ski resort

    Vuokatti and its surrounding areas offer sports activities for all seasons, making it a popular year-round holiday destination. Winter is a great time to enjoy cross-country and downhill skiing as well as snowmobiling, husky safaris, and snowshoeing. Every year, the first cross-country skiing trail opens in Vuokatti on 10 October, usually at 10 am. 

    Around 150 km of cross-country skiing trails are available for both professionals and amateurs. The resort also has the world's first ski tunnel, which spans 1.2 km long. Vuokatti is in the Finnish lake district in Sotkamo near Kajaani. The Vuokatti Sports Institute –  an official Olympic training centre – and Holiday Club Katinkulta are in the area, too. 

    Location: Veikontie 5, 88610 Sotkamo, Finland

    Phone: +358 (0)8 6194111



    Enjoy winter sports amid the peace of the wilderness and stunning scenery

    Salla is a small and peaceful ski resort which is especially suited for beginners. It’s in Sallatunturi in Eastern Lapland near the Russian border, about 100 km north of Kuusamo. The resort has around 15 slopes of different levels and 6 lifts. The slopes are relatively quiet and offer spectacular views – on a clear day, you can see all the way to Russia. 

    Those looking for a challenge can tackle the black FIS-approved race track, which is popular with alpine skiing teams during their training camps. 160 km of cross-country ski trails are available in the area, 42 km of which are floodlit for night skiing. You can even ski with your dog on a 17.5-km section of the trail. Additional activities on offer include snowmobile safaris and reindeer rides. 

    Location: Revontulentie 7, 98900 Salla, Finland

    Phone: +358 (0)16 837711



    Winter fun for the whole family in Finland's southernmost fell

    Iso-Syöte provides an excellent setting for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, with around 17 slopes and 10 lifts. Located in North Ostrobothnia, Finland's southernmost fell is close to the Lapland border, about 140 km northeast of Oulu. 

    SnowWorld offers 4 slopes and 4 lifts designed for kids to learn in a safe and fun environment. The lifts are free for children under 7. The long and wide blue slopes are great for beginners and amateurs, while the black and red slopes attract more experienced skiers. You can tackle freeride slopes at FreeridePark or SnowPark's long and varied freestyle section. Nearby, Pikku-Syöte has 9 ski slopes designed for beginners. 

    Location: Romekievarintie 126, 93280 Syöte, Finland

    Phone: +358 (0)20 1476471



    Practice winter sports in an urban environment

    Laajis is a ski resort just 4 km from Jyväskylä's city centre. It offers a variety of activities for skiers of all ages and levels, including 13 slopes and 4 snowparks. The area has a toboggan run and a dedicated section for beginners and kids. 

    Cross-country skiers can enjoy 48 km of trails, 15 km of which are lit after sunset. Laajis also has a winter biking route – you bring your own bike or rent an electric e-fatbike. If you're into challenging sports, tackle the downhill ice cross track, which spans 630 metres long with a 66-metre elevation gain. 

    Location: Laajavuorentie 15, 40740 Jyväskylä, Finland

    Phone: +358 (0)400 114 157



    Varied activities for the whole family in an authentic Lappish environment

    Ylläs is a 718-metre-high fell and ski area on the edge of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in Lapland. Here, you can find 2 interconnected ski resorts – the Sport Resort Ylläs on the Ylläsjärvi side and Ylläs-Ski on the Äkäslompolo side. A total of 63 slopes and 29 ski lifts are available for downhill skiers in Ylläs. 4 of the slopes are approved by the International Ski Federation, one of which is Finland's only Super-G slope. 

    Cross-country skiers can enjoy around 330 km of trails, 38 km of which have floodlights. You can even ski with your dog on 4 of these trails. A total of 300 km of maintained trails is catered for snowmobiling. The various snowpark areas, off-piste routes, and children's slopes make Ylläs a great destination for families and skiers looking for an adventure in Finland. 

    Location: Tunturintie 54, 95970 Äkäslompolo, Finland

    Phone: +358 (0)16 5103500



    Ski on the edge of a national park

    Pyhä is a notable ski area in Lapland, around 128 km northeast of Rovaniemi. It offers slopes and off-piste trails suitable for both beginners and more experienced adventurers. The Pyhä Ski Resort has 9 lifts servicing 14 slopes that are great for downhill skiing. Located at the base of the PyhäExpress chair lift is a family adventure offering gentle slopes for beginners and children, as well as a free magic carpet lift in the Huttumaa area. 

    150 km of cross-country skiing trails are in the Pyhä-Luosto National Park and surrounding areas. The trails at Luosto and Pyhä are connected to each other, resulting in different profiles for everyone to try. For experienced cross-country skiers, a day trip from one fell to another is a great experience. 

    Location: Kultakeronkatu 21, 98530 Pyhätunturi, Finland

    Phone: +358 (0)40 0101670



    Winter sports amid the attractive scenery of the Finnish lake district

    Tahko is a compact ski resort in the Finnish lake district, about an hour's drive north of the city of Kuopio. Picturesque ski runs, a wide range of interesting outdoor activities and high-quality accommodation options attract holidaymakers in the winter months. The area has 15 lifts and 24 slopes, the longest of which is 1.2 km long. The largest vertical drop is 200 metres.

    Tahko's first snow cross-country skiing trail opens every year already in October. It's usually lit from dusk until early evening, great for night skiing. The skiing trail network covers almost 64 km, with trails on an icy lake added later in the winter, giving you another 17 km of skiing opportunities. The Tahko area also offers snowshoe safaris or reindeer rides, ice skating and tobogganing. Try ice karting either at the Tahko Event Park or on the frozen Tahkolahti Bay. 

    Location: Tahkolaaksontie 3, 73310 Tahkovuori, Finland

    Phone: +358 (0)29 1707030


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