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Where to Shop in Nainital - From Fashion Boutiques to Organic Fruit Stalls

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Nainital has plenty of clothes shops for visitors to browse in, especially along Mall Road which specializes in street fashion. For bazaar bargains on woolen products like shawls, sweaters, socks, and gloves, head to the Tibetan Market. You'll find quirky wooden souvenirs, hill produce, organic fruit preserves, and handicrafts in the alleyways that radiate away from Mall Road, such as Bara Bazar.

Shopping for hill produce


Mallital market is frequented by locals buying fresh produce. Stock up on glossy plums, golden apricots, and soft green pears before you head out for a picnic. Visit the Himjoli Organic Store in Bara Bazar to buy apricot-based skincare products, hand-knitted shawls, and fruit preserves. They also sell cosmetics and herb blends. The Pahari Store in The Flats neighborhood is another interesting place to explore. You can shop for wooden souvenirs, fragrances, scarves, and organic food. Candles, sold in Bara Bazar and on Mall Road, are popular in Nainital.


  • The Pahari Store, The Flats, Nainital 263001, Uttarakhand; Website: The Pahari Store

Clothes shops


From cardigans in eye-catching colors to ripped denims, Mall Road offers the latest in street fashion under a long canopy extending from one end of the lake (Tallital) to the other (Mallital). Clothes shops like Sardar Sons rub shoulders with restaurants and bustling souvenir shops selling candles and wooden handicrafts. If you want to carry a piece of Nainital home with you, look for Kumaoni woolen garments, known for their superior quality. You'll see sweaters and shawls made with Kumaoni wool displayed in many shop windows.


  • Sardar Sons, Mall Road, Mallital, Nainital 263001, Uttarakhand; Tel: +91 5942 235047; Website: Sardar Sons


Tibetan Market


If you're looking for a bargain, the Tibetan Market is the place to go. Its alleyways host rows of shops with blue-tarpaulin roofs flapping in the mountain breeze. You can find T-shirts, jeans, caps, sweaters, gloves, and other winter gear. While strolling here, you might see elderly women knitting produce for their own shops, which are often temporary. Don’t feel embarrassed to negotiate on prices quoted at the market. It's generally expected that customers will try to get a better deal, so goods are almost always overpriced.


  • Tibetan Market, Ayarpatta, Nainital 263002, Uttarakhand; Website: Tibetan Market


Buying local produce


Whether it's a hand-knitted shawl, fresh fruit or homemade jam, buying produce made in Nainital and the surrounding hills supports artisans and local people. Women's self-help organizations working in the area make and sell candles, knitwear, pickles, jams, and candied fruit. One way to identify local goods is to look at the labels to see where they're made and packed. You can buy fresh, crisp hill potatoes from women at Mallital market. The Himjoli Shop stocks brands like Kilmora that reinvest their profit in the community, benefiting the hill people directly.


  • The Himjoli Shop, Bara Bazar, Nainital 263001, Uttarakhand; Website: The Himjoli Shop