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Where to Shop in Lonavala - Market Stalls and Traditional Candy Shops

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Lonavala is a picturesque town known for its cool climate, rushing waterfalls, and rolling hills. Along with impressive natural attractions, you'll also come across an abundance of traditional candy shops, where you can sample chikkis (candies similar to nut brittle) and fudge. Lonavala Bazaar is an outdoor market with small shops selling everything from souvenirs, to clothes, and food.

Wandering through Lonavala Bazaar


You never know what you might find when exploring the myriad of shops in a traditional Indian market, but you're bound to walk away with interesting items to take home. Lonavala's bustling market is no exception. This is the ideal place to look for souvenirs for friends and family, such as wooden carvings, colorful bangles, key chains, and handmade clothes. You'll also see stalls serving popular Indian snacks such as samosa chaat, a savory pastry topped with yogurt, tamarind sauce, green chutney, and chopped cilantro. Bhel puri, crispy puffed rice served with chutney, is another favorite takeaway snack.


  • Lonavala Bazaar, MG Road, Lonavala, Pune 410401, Maharashtra; Website: Lonavala Bazaar

Chikki and fudge shops


Lonavala is renowned for having some of the best chikki in India. This super-sweet candy consists of different nuts encased in caramel brittle, with variations including chikki with dry fruit, coconut, or ginger. Maganlal Chikki is known as one of the best manufacturers in the country and you can ask staff at their local shop to help you choose the tastiest options. National Chikki in Lonavala Bazaar is popular for its mouthwatering fudge flavors, while shoppers head to A1, also in the Bazaar, to sample its chocolate fudge.


  • Maganlal Chikki, Plot No. 87, A/B, Nangargaon Industrial Estate, Lonavala, Pune 410401, Maharashtra; Tel: +91 2114 272415; Website: Maganlal Chikki

  • National Chikki, 6-7 Market Manzil, Lonavala 410401, Maharashtra; Tel: +91 2114 272421; Website: National Chikki


Insider shopping tips


There's an art to shopping at markets in India that will make shopping at Lonavala Bazaar much more gratifying. Bargaining is the name of the game and it's all part of the fun, so try keeping a lighthearted approach. For the best deals on intricate carvings, bright clothing, and vibrant jewelry, head to the town's bustling market early and aim to be the first sale of the day. Vendors consider this auspicious, meaning you'll usually get a good deal. Buying more than 1 item from a stall will also increase your odds of getting a substantial discount.