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Where to Eat - Delectable Marathi Dishes in Lonavala

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The Marathi cuisine you'll be able to enjoy in Lonavala is flavorful, with vegetarian dishes featuring prominently. Ingredients such as potatoes, eggplants, onions, coconut, lentils, chickpeas, and dried fruits are staples in a Marathi diet, paired with delicious spices and different types of bread. South Indian favorites like idlis and dosas, plus Chinese dishes, are also popular here.

Typical dishes


Maharashtra's version of fast food is vada pav, a fried potato patty sandwiched between a bun, with fried green chillies and chutney. Aamti is an irresistible lentil dish that's spicy, tangy, and sweet.

Restaurants in Lonavala


The town offers delicious dining options to suit any budget, including casual and fine dining venues. PNF Restaurant offers Indian, Malvani (from the Konkan region), and Chinese dishes in an elegant space. In the heart of downtown Lonavala, Kinara Village Dhaba serves traditional Punjabi Indian, Chinese, and Tandoori dishes in vibrant surroundings. Rama Krishna offers rich soups like palak (spinach), a variety of sandwiches, and a range of South Indian and Punjabi-style dishes, including masala dosas and paneer mutter.


  • PNF Restaurant and Bar, Della Resorts, Kunegaon, Lonavala 410401, Maharashtra; Tel: +91 2114 662700

  • Kinara Village Dhaba, Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Vaksai Naka, Lonavala 410401, Maharashtra ; Tel: +91 8698 639639; Website: Kinara Village Dhaba


Street food in Lonavala


Eating tasty snacks from India's famed street food vendors is an experience not to miss, especially in Maharashtra. To sample Lonavala's take on fast food, visit vendors and shops in the market. Popular dishes on offer here include spicy pav bhaji (vegetable curry with a bread roll), followed by indulgent gulab jamun (sweet and sticky fritters covered in syrup infused with rose water).


Dining in surrounding villages


In the villages surrounding Lonavala you'll discover more restaurants where you can sample traditional Indian cuisine. Many travelers take a taxi to Sunny Da Dhaba, a Punjabi eatery which is a 20-minute drive from town: reservations are recommended. Their specialties include tandoori chicken, butter chicken, garlic-cheese naan bread, and fresh lime soda. Sidhu Da Dhaba, 15 minutes from Lonavala, is another popular option. Their menu features paneer tikka masala (cubes of Indian cottage cheese in a spiced tomato and cream sauce), as well as biryani, and refreshing mango lassis.


  • Sunny Da Dhaba, Mundhavara Phata, Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Karla 410405, Maharashtra; Tel: +91 98220 65345

  • Sidhu Da Dhaba, NH4, Near Karla Phata, Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, Karla 410405, Maharashtra ; Tel: +91 93213 02220