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Nightlife & Entertainment in Pune

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Beneath its historical veneer, Pune boasts a lively nightlife scene with locals and backpackers enjoying the modern bars and clubs that are popping up. There’s everything from glamorous nightclubs filled with the young and well-heeled, to laid back European-style pubs and brewhouses where you can enjoy a quiet ale with friends.




The gentrification of some parts of the city has brought megaclubs and larger venues that open until late. Just remember to dress to impress in order to keep up with the fashionable locals.


Area 51


Shaped like a giant flying saucer, Area 51’s sci-fi theme continues within, thanks to a revolving VIP area and a lively dance floor with a futuristic lighting scheme. With DJs playing thumping dance tracks, it’s a bit like a party themed around 1950s B-Movies – in a really good way.


Baner Village, Baner Hills, Pune. Tel:+91 20 6603 5000


Area 51 website
Mi A Mi


Set in the luxurious Marriott hotel, Mi A Mi is a stylish nightclub with a large dance floor, exclusive DJ sets from acts around the world, and sleek leather lounges for when you are mingling with friends. There’s also an exquisite cocktail list ranging from potent classics to tongue-tingling new creations.


Senapati Bapat Road, Pune. Tel:+91 77989 83322


Mi A Mi website




There's nothing like seeing a Bollywood release on the big screen to get into the Indian spirit, and Pune has many charming cinemas showing the latest releases.


Vijay Theatre


This modern cinema has air conditioning and a spacious auditorium, perfect for anyone seeking a respite from the heat. Showing classic and new Bollywood movies, as well as a few Hollywood blockbusters, there's a wide selection of escapist experiences to choose from.


310 Laxmi Road, Pune. Tel:+91 20 2445 4830


Vijay Theatre website


Live music


Whether you have a hankering for traditional Indian music or some modern rock, pop, and jazz, there's a wide variety of venues to enjoy live acts in Pune. Look out as well for impromptu outdoor festivals that will get everyone bouncing.


The High Spirits Café


A laid back café that has DJ acts, rock bands, and a friendly atmosphere, High Spirits has inexpensive drinks and dancing until late. There's a patio area covered in colourful murals, and on balmy nights this is a busy spot for locals and tourists to mingle.


35A/1 North Main Road, Pune. Tel:+91 98605 76260


The High Spirits Café website




The Pune area is home to several European-inspired brewpubs, with ales on tap, outdoor spaces for drinking, and a relaxed atmosphere. Some pubs brew their own beers on site, as well as offering craft ales from around the globe to sample.


Flambos Brewpub


This rustic style brewpub has exposed red bricks and chunky wooden furniture, and next to the bar you'll see large stainless steel kettles where the latest beers are brewing. The menu has a selection of craft and international beers, as well as freshly prepared food and cocktails.


G4 Metropole, Bund Garden Road, Pune. Tel:+91 83900 00660


Flambos Brewpub website