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Where to stay in the Dominican Republic – a neighborhood guide

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With such a stunning range of landscapes, visitors to the island have the luxury of never being too far from something spectacular to see or do. Happily, the range of hotels available is equally diverse, and caters to varying budgets, thereby ensuring a place to stay is never hard to come by. From large all-inclusive beachside resorts, to tranquil cabanas perched among palm trees, there are options aplenty.

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Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo


The island’s capital makes for a fantastic alternative to the beaches. With its heritage plain to see in the dramatic architecture of the zona colonial, as well as adapting perfectly to accommodate the modern needs of shopping, restaurants and nightlife it’s little wonder the area is so popular with all generations.


Hotels in Santo Domingo


Bigger budget hotels typically situated along the boardwalk of the Malecón, presenting wonderful sea views. Those looking for something more central and a little different may wish to opt for pensiones dotted throughout the zona colonial. These are rooms within private homes of locals and are great way to learn about some of the city’s hidden treasures.


Puerto Plata


One of the island’s most popular destinations, this northern resort is a firm favorite for offering a mix of relaxation and fun-filled evenings. Although there has been a lot development in the area, surprisingly much of the natural beauty still remains.


Hotels in Puerto Plata


As a flourishing resort town, prices are expectedly higher than the less popular regions. Hotels in the area are perfect for those looking to holiday in style. With all-inclusive options and a range of hotel services on offer, it makes for an ideal romantic getaway and certainly a trip to remember.


Samaná Peninsular


Arguably one of the island’s most beautiful regions, the peninsular is framed perfectly, with the Cordillera Samaná Mountains, and an abundance of stunning white sand beaches gently lapped by emerald waters, it’s not hard to see where the attraction lies. Of course, the fact that this area is synonymous with hundreds of migrating humpback whales may also have something to do with it.


Hotels in Samána


Accommodation in this area predominately comes in the form of beachside resorts with inviting coastal views. However there are other mid-range and budget options available for backpackers, which often offer a great chance to mix with fellow travelers and a slightly less commercial experience.


Monte Cristi


Hidden away in the far north western region of the island, Monte Cristi is a sleepy town providing a stark contrast to the resorts of the south. What it lacks in stature, however, it more than makes up for in natural beauty. Surrounded by utopian beaches and the Parque Nacional, it’s an ideal place to escape.


Hotels in Monte Cristi


Those visiting the region should note that it’s a far cry from the hustle of the more tourist-trodden areas. As a result, accommodation in the area is reserved mainly to B&Bs and the odd hotel. Though these are still of great value and provide personal service which may otherwise be overlooked in larger resorts, Monte Cristi is the perfect location for those wishing to while away the days among stunning vistas and kick back in the evening in serene peace.