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The top five regions of Slovenia - a city guide

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Slovenia is a country with many aspects; a mosaic of natural beauty in the centre of Europe. Due to its geographical location between the end of the Alps, the beginning of the woody Dinaric Mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, the country comprises Alpine peaks, beautiful lakes, quiet woods and wavy seas, and makes the perfect location for any kind of traveler. Although not a huge country, Slovenia is split into 11 regions, each with unique and exciting characteristics. If you’re planning a long stay, it’s worth visiting them all. However, if you’re looking for a short but varied visit, here are the regions we think are the best. 

Ivo & Rok Kovacic

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Bled - snow sports haven


In the north-west Alpine region of Slovenia, this idyllic mountain spot, is home to the famous Lake Bled, which is surrounded by the three-peaked Triglav, the tallest mountain in Slovenia. The beautiful scenery makes for great outdoors activities, with the perfect spot for lake swimming in the summer and adrenaline fuelled skiing in the winter. The Vogel Ski Resort is a popular spot to hit the slopes thanks to the well-maintained slopes and some amazing views whatever time of year you visit.


Ljubljana - the country’s cultural capital


As the Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana is a highly developed modern city yet it has managed to maintain an element of small town country kindness, making it utterly charming. The old centre houses remains of the Roman Empire, with medieval castles and Baroque buildings, great to amble around and learn some of the history. Contrasting with the historic charm, the never ending supply of restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs create a happy, playful vibe, and you’re guaranteed to be supplied with endless entertainment.


Maribor - the wine lover’s paradise


With the ideal climate for it, Maribor is crawling with vineyards and as a result it is well known for fine wine. With the oldest preserved vine in the world, the 400 year old Žametovka found here, the region is also home to the largest classic wine cellar in Central Europe, stretching 3km under the town centre and storing some of the country’s best wines. If you’re looking for wine tasting, a tour of the vineyards or simply to purchase a top-notch bottle, Maribor is the place for you.


Nova Gorica - one stop shop for an adrenaline rush


The Soča Valley, known as the emerald jewel due to its dazzling natural beauty, is a haven for the adrenaline junkie. With rafting, kayaking, canyoning and canoeing wherever you look, you’ll find it impossible not to indulge your inner adventurer. As a particularly modern city and home to a university, Nova Gorica is known to attract young students seeing as in addition to lots of sporting opportunities, there are festivals, concerts, exhibitions and casinos galore. Indeed, Perla Casino, which you can visit here, is the biggest and most prestigious casino in the country.


Sežana - Mysterious underground caves


Plenty of rain and snow falls on the limestone in this area, which has created the karst plateau that Sežana with surroundings is so famous for. The Karst caves are the most beautiful and deepest caves in Slovenia; a magnificent underground world lined with stalagmites and stalactites aplenty. The Škocjan Caves, close to the village of Divača, have been named as some of the most important caves in the world, and they are now under UNESCO protection.