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Where to stay in Marmaris – a neighborhood guide

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Choosing where to stay depends on what you’re looking for in Marmaris. While beachfront hotels in Marmaris town are near the biggest shopping areas and attractions, self-catering apartment in Turunc and Selimiye bring you closer to the laid-back lifestyle of the Turkish Riviera. From low-budget to five-star hotels and from bed & breakfast to all-inclusive resorts, accommodation in Marmaris caters to every traveler: couples, solo travelers, families or large groups. 

Mehmet Gozen

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Marmaris (Aegean Coast)

Town center


Set in the heart of Marmaris, this area suits travelers who want to experience 24-hour action, only a few meters away from the beach, lively bars, restaurants and shops. Marmaris town center is also home to the bustling Grand Bazaar, where visitors can browse anything from local jewelry to leather goods. If you stay here, go on a white water rafting trip and have an exhilarating day packed with adventure and adrenaline: have a go at Grade 3 rapids and enjoy a safari up the nearby mountains.


Hotels in the town center


From self-catering apartments and bed & breakfast to boutique hotels and resorts, you will find a great variety of hotels in Marmaris town center offering a large range of facilities and services in a relaxed Turkish atmosphere.




The hotels in this area might not be as close to attractions as the ones in Marmaris town center, but they offer a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Within walking distance, guests can find a variety of shops, eateries and bars to suit all tastes and budgets. A small island called Ciftlik is accessible from Icmeler via boat which is a popular area for divers and jeep safaris given its sandy beach and waterside restaurants.


Hotels in Icmeler


Boasting five-star hotels and luxury resorts, accommodation in this area offers guests high-standard services and the beautiful surroundings of green pine forests and turquoise waters with a magnificent mountain backdrop.




Nestled in the foothills of pine covered mountains, the charming and hidden village of Turunc offer visitors a magnificent view of the bay and green surroundings. Here you will find a selection of bars, shops, taverns and restaurants. From Turunc, sail to Kumlubuk, which boasts one of the best beaches in the area as well as fish restaurants serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine.


Hotels in Turunc


Although this area is popular for self-catered apartments, it is also home to boutique hotels and other types of accommodation. A beautiful beach is just a stone’s throw from hotels in this area. From Turunc, you can easily reach other resorts, including Marmaris and Icmeler.




With lovely views, rich flora, fresh air and crystal clean waters, Datca is ideal for a quiet holiday in a magnificent natural setting. If you stay in this area, you will have the chance to practice different water sports, such as canyoning and sea kayaking. In Datca, visit one of the most popular sites in Turkey: the ruins of Knidos.


Hotels in Datca


This area is known for three-star lounges, family-run accommodation and boutique hotels offering all the services, including shuttle bus to the airport, and basic amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.