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Busan Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

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Busan offers beaches in abundance and soaking up the sun is the main form of recreation here. Other water sports like jet-skiing, parasailing and yachting are popular and the rocky islands off shore make for popular daytrips on chartered boats.

Shopping is a big deal in Busan too, and many visitors find that by the time they've explored the retail haven of downtown Busan they are in need of popcorn and a movie in one of the city's air-conditioned multiplex cinemas.

However, Busan is a university city and there is a major market for foreign English teachers here. Wherever college students and foreign English students come together, vibrant nightlife is bound to result and the bar scene of Busan is really a lot of fun.

Clubs and Bars

The area around Kyungsung University is surrounded by literally thousands of bars, big and small. The downtown area of Busan happily competes with the university as an Olympian drinking center. Places open late, and there are so many pubs, bars and clubs in Busan that competition keeps prices amazingly low.


Beaches are what Busan is known for. There are seven major beaches in town and the main two are Haeundae Beach, with its upscale hotels and classy bars, and Gwangalli, where the alternative set mix with laidback students and a very young market. 


Health and wellness spas run a very close second to the beaches of Busan in terms of being the city's main tourist driver. Luxury outfits like the Hur Shim Spa have to be seen to be believed for their opulence and luxury, while others are smaller salons that offer a more intimate approach to chilling out. 


Busan's shopping malls know no bounds — they have even started to grown into each other's precincts and so pedestrian walkways and substantial renaming of many places has had to be undertaken. Busan has a comprehensive range of goods and services and most things can be bought here. 


Turning a temporary blind eye to the beaches, spas and shopping malls are the savvy visitors who take the winding hikes up to the hills that surround the city, where all kinds of ancient temples and buildings wait to be explored.

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