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Vientiane Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

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Vientiane has a decent amount of shopping for tourists. Like any Southeast Asian center, it has an abundance of markets with myriad local arts, crafts and textiles on offer. Hand-woven silk is a good buy, with scarves and all manner of clothes being particularly popular.

Vientiane also has good range and quality of wood carving products, along with antiques and Lao art. Silverwork is another good buy anywhere in Laos and particularly in the Morning Market in Vientiane. It is the largest and best known market in the Lao capital and is also open in the afternoon, too.

Prices in Vientiane are generally good but you should always be of the mind to haggle at the markets. The best areas for shopping are at the Morning Market and along Samsenthai and Setthathirat roads.

Morning Market (Talaat Sao)

Vientiane's Talaat Sao is a huge, expansive market where anything and everything can be had for good prices. It is especially good for arts and crafts, including silver jewelry, but is best visited early morning when it's not too hot or crowded. The Morning Market is just north of Samsenthai Road.

Samsenthai Road

Samsenthai Road is the main tourist thoroughfare in town — set a couple of blocks back from the Mekong — and contains many top attractions and shopping options. Wat Si Muang is here plus all sorts of mini-marts and smaller outlets are also apparent. Samsenthai Road is known for its wine markets, too, with French, Italian and Australian bottles dominating. 

Setthathirat Road

Setthathirat Road runs parallel to Samsenthai Road between it and the river and is also good for shopping. There are many handicrafts shops along here, with a special emphasis on silk and cotton textiles. 

Nam Phu Fountain

Nam Phu Fountain lies just off of Setthathirat Road and is the best place to pick up Laotian silks. This area also has many small markets and convenience stores, along with cafés, bakeries and restaurants, plus a ton of guesthouses and hotels. 

Vientiane shopping tips

Head directly to the Morning Market for silks and souvenirs if you are short on time, and be sure to haggle for everything. You should also try asking for discounts in the smarter silk boutiques. Prices are consistent most of the year, although you may be able to haggle lower during the April to October low season. 

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