Towns and resorts in Antigua and Barbuda offer a tropical paradise with warm winds, gorgeous beaches, and plenty of visitor-friendly attractions like shopping, dining, and historic sites to explore. You can explore fully developed towns with great restaurants and independent shops lining quaint walkable corridors. You can head for pristine beaches with pink sands. You can get pampered at luxurious, full-featured resorts offering fine dining just steps from the surf.

    Whether you're on a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a business trip, you'll find opportunities for adventure here. Check out some of the best towns and resorts in Antigua and Barbuda for your next trip.


    St. John's

    Explore one of the islands' most developed cities

    St. John's is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda and amongst the most developed cities on the island of Antigua with museums, shopping, historic sites, gaming, beaches, and fine dining. Here you can head for the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, St. John's Cathedral, or nearby Fort James where you can explore historic sites and learn all about the storey of the town. You can head for the Heritage Quay shopping district where you can find souvenirs, jewellery, and locally made liquors. Of course, you can also head for the pristine beaches.

    In the evenings, you can walk along the beaches for outstanding sunset views and great dining. Local delicacies include conch, salt fish, and local beers and rum.


    All Saints

    Shop and dine in one of the largest towns on the islands

    All Saints is amongst the largest towns in Antigua and Barbuda and is just north of the capital, offering historic locations, iconic village areas, museums, and nearby beaches and islands. You can head for Falmouth Harbour, Prickly Pear Island, or Long Island for stunning seaside views. The region is known for its handcrafted pottery, and you can visit Pottery Village to pick up your own artisan-crafted pieces to take home. You can also visit Betty's Hope, an open-air museum on the site of the first large-scale sugarcane plantation on Antigua.

    Whether you're in it for history or relaxation, All Saints has it on offer. It's located right in the heart of Antigua.


    English Harbour

    Discover a picturesque and popular seashore town

    English Harbour on southern Antigua is amongst the most popular destinations here offering history, snorkelling, natural rock formations, stunning views, boat tours, and adventure. You can wander down to Galleon Beach for outstanding snorkelling and see the vibrant sea life of the Caribbean all around. Head for the Pillars of Hercules, a towering natural geological rock formation, or climb up Monk's Hill for panoramic harbour views and Instagram-worthy photo ops. You can check out the 18th-century remains of Fort Berkeley along the harbour.

    Of course, you can also hit up gorgeous beaches and enjoy fantastic Caribbean fusion cuisine at local restaurants. A boat tour of the island is a unique way to see all the sights here.



    Walk the streets of a genuine ghost town

    Codrington offers a rare opportunity to walk an authentic ghost town that was only recently abandoned while learning about the fury of nature that caused it to empty. This small city in Barbuda was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017. Here you can explore the empty streets of a once-thriving town and learn how the hurricane caused it to become a ghost town. You can also explore the remains of a castle that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1843.

    You can have a bite at one of the remaining open-air restaurants in town. This is a popular place to visit and offers an eerie and unique experience of walking in a town that has more dogs than people.


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    Jolly Harbour

    Check out a top romantic getaway destination

    Jolly Harbour is an ultramodern resort area that offers a honeymoon-like romantic getaway with fantastic shopping, dining, snorkelling, stunning island views, and a water park. Whether you're a couple on a romantic getaway or a family on holiday, this town offers just about everything. You can enjoy a romantic walk along the beach, relax in the sun, or go snorkelling amongst tropical fish. You can head to Swash Water Park for waterslides and family fun, or visit the Jolly Harbour Golf Club for 18 holes.

    You can wander streets that are filled with quaint independent shops and restaurants serving up Caribbean, Creole, Italian, Mediterranean, and Asian food. This area is a fully developed resort town with everything within walking distance.



    Visit a diverse and historic town

    Liberta is a quaint town established nearly 200 years ago by freed slaves that today offers history, architectural wonders, diverse culture, sports, and fun. Amongst the historic architectural sites here are several churches, each with its own unique design and showcasing the diverse culture of the region. For sports fans, the Liberta Sports Club is a major attraction. This club with over 100 members frequently hosts basketball, football, volleyball, and other sporting events that you can attend while rooting for your favourite team.

    The city offers plenty of opportunities for shopping and dining. It's one of the most populous towns in Antigua and is a popular visitor destination just north of Falmouth Harbour.


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    Palmetto Point

    Enjoy pink-sand beaches and championship golf

    Palmetto Point offers 7 miles of pink-sand beach, a championship-level Tom Fazio golf course, and 600 acres of tropical paradise with quaint villages, a sports park, and nightlife. The restaurants in the area use fresh, locally sourced produce from organic farms and gardens. A kids' club offers plenty of opportunities for children to play, while a sports park features athletic complexes. The area offers a wide selection of beach bars and clubs like the Frigate Bar for great drinks and nightlife.

    Many people come here just to enjoy the 7 miles of white- and pink-sand beaches on the shores of the clear Caribbean waters. Palmetto Point on the island of Barbuda is the ultimate in relaxation and enjoyment.


    Coco Point

    Find total peace and privacy at an exclusive resort

    Coco Point Lodge is an all-inclusive luxury resort that offers peace and privacy bordered by pristine beaches and featuring fantastic meals. The resort is situated on a 164-acre peninsula surrounded by brilliant turquoise waters and never has more than 68 guests at a time, so you will never have to deal with crowds. The brilliant white sands are ideal for relaxation, and the calm surf is superb for swimming. The resort lodge houses restaurants, bars, and shops with regular house parties where you can meet the other guests.

    The restaurant offers gourmet meals prepared using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients, from fresh-caught fish to farm-to-table vegetables in an atmosphere of casual elegance. You'll find the resort in southern Barbuda.


    Two Foot Bay

    Get away from the crowds at a serene national park

    Two Foot Bay is a serene nature area on the northeastern coast of Barbuda offering acres of coastal scrub forest and a cliff-lined waterfront with spelunking and gorgeous views. Possibly the most famed part of this park is the cave systems, especially Indian Cave, where you can see petroglyphs left behind by ancient indigenous peoples who are now long gone.

    To get the most of the island, you'll need your own transport, or you can take a guided tour, which is recommended. A knowledgeable guide can tell you all about these ancient peoples, the art they left behind, and the rock formations on the island.


    Gravenor Bay

    Check out an offbeat and hip beachfront

    Gravenor Bay is a hip and offbeat destination in the southernmost part of Barbuda where you can roam white beaches, go snorkelling, see yachts on the waters, and relax. The island is sparsely populated and reachable by a ferry from Antigua. The bay waters offer calm surf that is ideal for wading or swimming, and snorkelling experiences let you see the vast array of tropical sea life. About a half-mile away lie the ruins of a historic tower. You can also walk along an old dilapidated pier that's an ideal photo site.

    The beach here is fantastic for relaxing and unwinding. It's also a romantic spot for walks on the sand and seeing the sunrise or sunset over the sea.


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