Barbuda is an absolutely stunning island and an incredible place to visit with your partner if you're looking for unforgettable romantic adventures. You'll find opportunities to get active by exploring the waters and the shore, or you can take in the local history.

    When you visit this island, the best option for you and your partner will depend on the kind of experience you're looking for. Take a look at the 10 best things to do for couples in Barbuda and discover whether you want to see animals, history, nature, or everything you can.


    ArtCafe gallery

    Shop for impressive artwork

    • Couples
    • Shoppers

    The ArtCafe gallery is home to a variety of artwork that you can peruse and purchase, along with options for some coffee or a cocktail to enjoy while you shop. The gallery is run by Claire Frank, a local artist and writer who has been creating works based on her 30 years of experience living in Barbuda.

    Couples will particularly enjoy this destination, as you'll find paintings, crafts, maps, artefacts, and more that can be used to decorate the home. Soap, books, and other gifts are available as well. You'll find it all in northeastern Codrington.


    Horseback riding on the beach

    Stroll the beach in a different way

    • Couples
    • Adventure

    Horseback riding on the beach is one of the best ways to explore the soft sands and clear waters of Barbuda with new equine friends along for the trip. Local horses are known to be remarkably friendly, and the staff around the beaches can show you everything you need to know to get the most out of your ride.

    Many of the horseback-riding opportunities are located along the western coast, but you'll find some along the island's southeastern shore as well. No matter where you go, however, the horses themselves are friendly and glad to have you along for the ride.


    Snorkelling in Palaster Reef

    Explore underwater

    • Couples
    • Adventure

    Snorkelling in Palaster Reef will let you and your significant other feel like adventurers as you spot marine life, a massive reef network, and several shipwrecks. The waters are notably clear throughout the entire bay, so you can enjoy a great range of vision when snorkelling.

    The reefs and shipwrecks here are amongst the best you'll find around the island, so if you're interested in seeing what lies beneath the waves, this is the best place to go. Plus, you'll find a beach and several boating opportunities here as well. It's all located in the southeastern corner of the island.


    Stand-up Paddleboarding

    Ride the water in style

    • Couples
    • Adventure

    Stand-up paddleboarding is one of the most popular activities in Barbuda, and you and your partner can enjoy it all in a variety of environments, from calm to fierce. For a more relaxing excursion, you'll want to stick to bodies of water that are well-protected from the open ocean, like certain bays.

    If you don't mind some choppy conditions or find it more fun that way, any long stretch of beach open to the Atlantic should give you plenty of waves. Keep in mind that this is not recommended if you're a beginner. You'll find opportunities for paddleboarding along with equipment rentals all across the island's coast.


    Two Foot Bay Caves

    Have a caving adventure

    • Couples
    • Adventure

    Two Foot Bay Cave and Historic Outpost boasts some of the island's most prominent adventure spots, including a series of caverns to explore packed with geological splendour and history. The caves vary quite a bit, with some being only big enough to crawl through and others large enough to be massive caverns.

    When you explore the caves, be sure to check for petroglyphs from prehistoric Arawaks left on the walls. Additionally, you'll find that some caves here have unique lighting that draws in bats to hang from the ceiling. These caves are located on the northeastern shore of Barbuda.

    Location: M69J+JC9, Codrington, Antigua & Barbuda

    Phone: +1 268-462-0480


    Catamaran cruise

    Set out on a cruise

    • Couples
    • Adventure

    A catamaran cruise is one of the best ways to explore, as these boats can take you to scenic spots, offer food, and even let you go snorkelling. These boats are quite large, yet tours tend to be limited to about a dozen people or so, so it never feels too crowded.

    During your tour, you'll enjoy the benefit of a knowledgeable guide taking you to see the top spots around Barbuda, all while listening to reggae and calypso music. The food on offer is typically chicken or seafood, and snorkelling opportunities let you swim through crystal-clear waters during certain stops. You'll find these tours all along the shore.


    Martello Tower

    See a historic tower

    • Couples
    • History

    Martello Tower is a historic tower and landmark that not only offers some fascinating insight into local history but provides some stunning views of the surrounding area as well. The tower itself dates back to the early 19th century, but the attached fort was built from the remnants of a Spanish fort constructed in 1745.

    When you visit this tower, you'll be able to take a glimpse back in time to see what defences were like all those centuries ago. Of course, climbing the 32-foot tower also lets you take in scenic views of the surrounding area. You'll find the tower on the southern coast, just a few miles due south of Codrington.

    Location: H5WC+27G, Codrington, Antigua & Barbuda


    photo by David Jonesc (CC BY 2.0) modified


    Highland House historical ruins

    Check out the highest part of the island

    • Couples
    • History

    The Highland House historical ruins are the remnants of Codrington House and offer insight into local history as well as panoramic views of the island. Known as Willy Bob by the locals, these ruins consist of floors and lower walls and not much else. This is where the Codrington family lived, the namesake of Codrington Village, but these slave owners are long gone, with no descendants on the island.

    Upon visiting these ruins, you'll find yourself overlooking pretty much the entire island. You can see the coastline in virtually all directions, offering a new perspective on the local beauty. You can get to these ruins by heading about 3 miles north from Codrington.


    Frigate Bird Sanctuary

    Go bird-watching

    • Couples
    • Adventure

    Frigate Bird Sanctuary is home to one of the largest frigate bird colonies in the Western Hemisphere, and you can see countless numbers of these stunning birds here. Frigate birds come in many different varieties, but this sanctuary contains some of the largest.

    More than 2,500 birds call the local mangrove lagoon home here, so expect to see a sea of red inflating throat pouches. To get there, you'll have to take a sea taxi from Codrington out to the western lagoon.


    Darby Cave

    Witness a massive sinkhole

    • Couples
    • Adventure

    Darby Cave is a sinkhole that offers a unique perspective on the local environment, featuring a miniature rainforest and impressive geological features within. The sinkhole itself is more than 70 feet deep and has a diameter of over 300 feet. With that kind of size, it should be no surprise that stalactites on one side of the cave have formed to be 8 feet long.

    When you visit this cave, you'll be enamoured with the palm trees, ferns, and other flora that seem to prosper within the sinkhole despite the presence of a massive rock face on one side. You'll find this cave about a 45-minute walk northeast of Codrington Village.


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