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As a new brand mascot of, I'm here to help you find amazing offers for hundreds of thousands of hotels across the world. So start planning and saving on your next great vacation with
The Mascot Audition
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Terms and Conditions
Our loyalty programme,™ Rewards, is for guests aged 18+ who signed up with a valid email address. When you book and stay 10 nights at eligible hotels, you’ll get 1 night free to redeem at another. We work out the average value of all the 10 nights you’ve collected and give it back to you as a free night. You just pay taxes and fees. And if you choose a room that costs more, you pay the difference. You can’t collect or redeem nights when you pay using a discount coupon or if you’re making a package booking. Read full terms and conditions.
Secret Prices are available to app users,™ Rewards members and individuals who unlock Secret Prices on the website by subscribing to by email. Secret prices will be shown where the “Your Secret Price” banner is displayed on your search results. Available on selected hotels and selected dates only. Subject to full terms and conditions.

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