Singapore often gets a bad rep for being one of the most expensive cities in the world, and not without merit. Whilst there are plenty of fun and cheap activities in Singapore for budget travellers, the city also has its fair share of mind-bogglingly expensive things to do and buy as well.

    So, we have done our research and found 10 of the most outlandish and expensive things to do in Singapore that will not only wipe out your whole holiday budget, but also leave you needing to remortgage your house when you arrive home.


    Stay in the Presidential Suite at Raffles Hotel

    Damage: S$10,000 per night

    Ok, this one is a bit far-fetched, but just so you know, the Raffles’ Presidential Suite is up there with the most expensive rooms in the world, at around S$10,000 per night. However, you’ll be able to tell your friends that you’ve stayed in the same bed as countless presidents, celebrities as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton who chose this refined Suite on their most recent visit to Singapore.

    Verdict: Go for one of the Raffle Hotel’s slightly less eye-wateringly expensive, yet still gorgeously appointed, rooms here.


    Drive a supercar around town

    Damage: S$788 per hour

    Want to cruise around the Marina Bay in a Ferrari or Lamborghini and pretend you live another life for an hour or so? Well, with Ultimate Drive Singapore you can do exactly that – but at a price. Their cheapest option, at a mere S$298, is to be a passenger in one of their Ferrari F430 F1 Spiders or Lamborghini Gallardo Spyders for 15 minutes. 150 hours at the price would total the same cost of buying one of the actual cars itself. A full hour behind the wheel costs S$788. (Prices as of Oct 2014).

    Verdict: Buy a computer, Grand Turismo, a TV instead... and still have change left over for a beer.

    photo by Dion Hinchcliffe (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    Go on a speedboat tour

    Damage: S$2,000 for two hours (12 passengers)

    Whilst there are plenty of cheap tours and cruises available around Singapore, hiring your own private speedboat and driver for a few hours is not one of them. Some of the most popular speed boat tour companies in Singapore have packages starting at around S$160 per person with a minimum of 12 passengers.

    Verdict: Good, if everybody’s paying individually; not so good if you’re stuck with the bill at the end of the two-hour ride.


    Sleep next to the fishes at Resorts World

    Damage: S$1,800 per night

    If you’ve got some cash to splash on accommodation, just under S$2,000 per night gets you one of the most unique rooms in the world. Beach Villas at Resorts World Sentosa offer stunning two-storey Ocean Suites with incredible views into the surrounding aquarium tanks which hold over 50,000 marine fishes. You also get a Jacuzzi in your room with the same view. The luxurious pods also have 50” plaza screens for when you get bored of the fish action.

    Verdict: Worth it! See Sentosa’s Beach Villas here.


    Play golf at the Singapore Island Country Club

    Damage: S$30,000 per year

    Heralded as Singapore’s best golf club, the Singapore Island Country Club is also the country’s most expensive. It is strictly members only here and a year’s subscription will set you back around S$30,000, putting this spot up there with some the most expensive golf clubs in the world.

    Verdict: Instead, check out one of Singapore’s more affordable golf clubs here.


    Watch the Formula One from the Paddock Club

    Damage: S$8,400 per pax (3 day ticket)

    Sure, you can get a day’s race ticket for a few hundred bucks, but then who wants to be squashed in with the rest of the crowds standing on your tip-toes for the best view – all in the heat? An expensive solution to this problem is to grab yourself a ticket at the ultra-exclusive Paddock Club, which offers some of the best views of the race all from the comfort of an air-conditioned room, complete with free-flow champagne and food.

    Verdict: Value for money here depends on how much free-flow champagne you can put away over the course of a weekend.

    photo by Romain Pontida (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    Try your luck at the casino

    Damage: ???

    Those who find themselves a little bit out of pocket after all their lavish spending in Singapore might turn to Marina Bay Sands Casino to win back (but more than likely lose even more) of their hard earned money.

    If you go and do get lucky on one of the 500 games tables or 1,600 machines, head up to Ce LA VI on the roof to blow it all again on a posh dinner and cocktails!

    Verdict: Go, but leave your credit cards at home. 


    photo by Jack at Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    Eat at Waku Ghin

    Damage: S$500 per person

    Dubbed as the most expensive, as well as the best restaurant in Singapore, Waku Ghin presents a dining experience not to be forgotten, but sadly one reserved only for those making big bucks – or on company expenses. The ‘modern European-Japanese’ restaurant only sits up to 25 people at a time and reservation is advisable months in advance.

    Verdict: If you’re going to really splash out on one meal in Singapore, it probably should be at this restaurant.


    Buy a house on Paterson Hill

    Damage: S$60,000 per square metre

    Probably not particularly high on your holiday to-do list, but if you are looking for affordable real estate in Singapore then you might want to stay away from Paterson Hill, just off Orchard Road. Recently listed as one of the Top 5 most expensive streets in the world, you would have thought the pavements are lined with gold with averages prices starting at S$60,000 per square metre. Expect celebrities, billionaire entrepreneurs and royalty to be your neighbours.

    Verdict: Reserved for the world’s super-rich only.

    Paul Smith | Compulsive Traveller

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