Oslo nightlife is constantly evolving, and the cocktail bar segment has made a big leap in both quality and popularity. When it comes to craftsmanship, the internationally renowned Himkok leads the way, but this bar is far from being the only one to serve inventive drinks based on spirits, fruit and berries, herbs and whatever other interesting ingredients.

    Some cocktail bars also provide a great view of the city along with your drink. Hotels have a tradition of having bars on the top floor, and with Norway's tallest buildings, Oslo offers "rooftop" experiences that are hard to beat.


    Eight Rooftop Bar

    Drinks on the Rooftop Terrace at the Grand Hotel

    Eight Rooftop Bar is a popular place in the city centre, with well-mixed drinks and great views of Eidsvoll Square from the eighth floor of the iconic Grand Hotel on Karl Johan. Summer is of course the peak season and getting an outdoor table can be a struggle. Some of the seating is indoors, and the outdoor terrace has heat lamps, so this is a great place to enjoy a cocktail in the cold season too.

    The clientele is varied, leaning more towards the mature age groups and, to some extent, international guests. The bartenders maintain a high standard here and serve properly prepared classic drinks alongside inventive creations.

    Location: Karl Johans gate 27, 0159 Oslo, Norway

    Phone: +47 23 21 20 00


    Summit Bar

    Cocktails in the Clouds at Radisson Blu

    The Summit Bar atop the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Holbergsgate right by the castle really makes you feel like you're on top of...well maybe not the world but definitely Oslo. From the 21st floor you can see far beyond the Oslo Fjord, while below you have Oslo at your feet. The bar is created by the well-known architectural firm Snøhetta, so the interior aesthetics are also top notch.

    With glass windows and panoramic views, sitting in the bar is an experience in itself. The subdued music, adult clientele and stylish surroundings make it easy to relax, enjoy the views and a delicious cocktail.

    Location: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Holbergs gate 30, 0166 Oslo, Norway

    Open: From Monday-Thursday: 16.00-01.00. Friday and Saturday: 16.00-02.00. Sundays: closed.

    Phone: +47 23 29 30 00


    HIMKOK Storgata Destilleri

    World-class Cocktail Bar

    Himkok may not have the most beautiful view, but there is probably no one in Oslo who can beat this place when it comes to drinks. The on-site distillery brews aquavit, gin and vodka, which are combined with root Norwegian ingredients to create a unique Nordic drinking experience. The concept and quality have given the bar international recognition in the form of 42nd place on the prestigious "The World's 50 Best Bars" list.

    In the large, stylish premises behind the anonymous door at Youngsgate 2, NM-winning bartenders serve cocktails based on their own craft spirits, as well as other alcoholic beverages from carefully selected Scandinavian suppliers, including premium quality beer.

    Location: Storgata 27 (entrance by Youngsgate 2), 0184 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Sunday-Thursday: 17.00-03.00. Friday and Saturday: 15.00-03.00.

    Phone: +47 22 42 22 02


    Nedre Løkka Coctailbar

    American Cocktail Culture at the Hip Grünerløkka

    Nedre Løkka Cocktailbar was inspired by New York's cocktail scene when and this is clearly evident in the interior, which is designed with bare brick walls, dark wood and well-upholstered leather sofas. The owners are fully aware that you need more than just visula effects, and so quality and attention to detail are repeated in the wide range of cocktails.

    A separate menu section with signature cocktails includes rum-based Løkka Grogg and Strawberry Blond with gin and strawberry aperol. The drinks menu is extensive and varied, so if you're struggling to decide, it's perfectly acceptable to tell the bartender "I'll have the same as him over there." You can trust it will taste delicious.

    Location: Thorvald Meyers gate 89, 0550 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Tuesday-Wednesday: 16.00-01.00 From Thursday to Saturday: 16.00-03.00

    Phone: +47 22 35 00 99


    Hub Bar

    Hotel Bar with Opera Views

    Hub Bar is part of the Clarion Hotel The Hub, a contemporary urban hotel close to Oslo Central Station. The bar fulfills different roles as the day progresses, but throughout the evening it is the wine, beer and cocktail bar profile that stands out.

    At night, expect great cocktails from an extensive list, served by competent bartenders. From the bar on the 13th floor, you get a great view of the busy Jernbanetorget, the state-of-the-art Barcode district and the opera with the famous roof, while the Oslo Fjord sparkles in the distance.

    Location: Clarion Hotel The Hub, Biskop Gunnerus' gate 3, 0155 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Daily: 17.00–22.00

    Phone: +47 23 10 80 00


    34th Restaurant & Bar

    Bar in Oslo's Top Tier

    34th Restaurant & Bar in Radisson Plaza Blu Hotel is located 110 metres above street level, almost at the very top of Norway's tallest building, so it's safe to say there's no one above and no one next door. The view is of course second to none, and panoramic windows ensure there is as much of it as possible.

    The Plaza is a four-star hotel, which guarantess a high level of service and quality, and that includes the bar in the clouds. Naturally, 34th as a hotel bar can't compete with the most distinctive bars when it comes to personality, but the stylish atmosphere and traditional hotel elegance combined with the heavenly premises make it a guaranteed winner.

    Location: Radisson Plaza Blu Hotel, Sonja Henies plass 3, 0134 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Temporarily closed

    Phone: +47 22 05 80 34



    Drinks and Great Atmosphere in Summer

    Stratos is the function room at the top of the Folk Theatre building on Youngstorget in the heart of Oslo city centre, a functionalist architectural gem with a great view from its roof terrace twelve floors above the ground. In summer, they serve cocktails and drinks, bring in hip DJs and open up the dance floor.

    THe disco ball keeps spinning even after sundown, and this is definitely one of the more animated cocktail bars in Oslo. This place is all about enjoying life while you have it and summer while it lasts because when autumn comes, the bartenders at Stratos pack up their shakers and ice buckets and go home.

    Location: Youngstorget 2, 0181 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Only open in summer

    Phone: +47 21 04 64 00



    Oslo's New Literary Venue

    Centropa is the bar and restaurant concept in the new Deichman library in Bjørvika right next to the opera. Authors and literary lovers have an image to uphold, so the wine list at Centropa is longer than a Kafka novel. There's a good selection of bottled beers, but if you're thirsty for cocktails you'll have to take comfort from reading some bar scenes from The Great Gatsby, because Centropa doesn't serve these types of drinks.

    Centropa opened in the broken year of 2020, and may need some time to develop an atmosphere that is in the style of the institution to which it belongs. The outdoor terrace is a winner no matter what, with plenty of space and beautiful, dynamic and cultural surroundings.

    Location: Anne-Cath, Vestlys Plass 1, 0150 Oslo, Norway

    Open: Temporarily closed (café open daily 10.00-17.30)

    Phone: +47 96 64 69 94


    Nodee Sky

    Asian Luxury with Views Over the New Oslo

    Nodee Sky is the top floor of two Nodee premises in the Barcode district in the centre of Oslo. The lift takes you up to the top of the building at an angle. Here Nodee offers a privileged view of the area around Bjørvika and the future Oslo, which is still under construction.

    To really take in the view, just having a drink isn't enough. Nodee is also a restaurant, and not just any restaurant - gold leaf and truffles feature on the menu here, which is first class when it comes to inventive dishes and prices.

    Location: Dronning Eufemias gate 28, 0191 Oslo, Norway

    Open: From Thursday to Saturday: 17.00-23.00 Other days: closed

    Phone: +47 23 62 40 10


    Svanen/DGÆ Cocktailbar

    Cocktails on Prescription in the Old Svaneapoteket

    Svanen is a new cocktail bar project from the people behind the renowned Himkok. With famous backers from the world's cocktail industry, Svanen quickly attracted interest from influential publications, and Condé Nast Traveler was quick to recommend this bar.

    The bar has taken much of the interior from the former pharmacy, which means heavy wooden furniture and wall and ceiling panels - a style and atmosphere that fits in well in a cocktail bar that uses pipettes to compose drinks. Just like the premises, the menu is built on tradition, but with a boost of fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

    Location: Karl Johans gate 13, 0154 Oslo, Norway

    Open: From Tuesday to Thursday: 17.00-00.00. Friday-Saturday: 15.00-00.00. Sundays and Mondays: closed.

    Phone: +47 98 43 86 13


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