Gozo is an island in the Maltese archipelago, separated from Malta by a small channel. It’s known for its agriculture and incredible coastline, as well as a relatively slow pace of life. These add up to make Gozo a popular destination for those looking for a relaxing getaway in Malta.

    Gozo’s rich history is showcased through medieval structures such as the world-renowned Gozo Citadel, which occupies a lofty hillside with ancient walls dating back to the Middle Ages. There are also plenty of archaeological sites from even further back in time. Gozo’s largest city, Rabat (Victoria), is a must-visit where you can explore ancient alleyways, local markets and shops, along with excellent dining experiences.

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      Gozo offers a wealth of things to do, mostly around its stunning coastline. The island is only separated from Malta by a small channel, but as a slower pace of life than its neighbour. The serene landscape is also renowned for its agriculture industry and incredible coastal destinations. One of the most appealing aspects of Gozo is just how steeped...

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