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Corse-Du-Sud Vacation

Southern Corsica Hotels

Southern Corsica, and the Corse-du-Sud region, is home to sparkling beaches, historic walls that drip with history, and some of the island’s most evocative landscapes – so get ready to dive into the very best that this sun-soaked island has to offer. The town of Bonifacio perches gorgeously over a hypnotically turquoise ocean, but don’t neglect Ajaccio’s historical and stylish streets, or the shallow beaches of Porto-Vecchio - where the water’s so clear you can see hundreds of tiny fish zig-zagging past your toes while paddling.

Things to see

Take the winding road up through the Bavella Needles, and you’ll slalom between improbable rock formations, which reach for the sky, and see crisp mountain lakes - which beg you to stop for refreshing dips. Or, you can head to the southern tip of the island, where Bonifacio will richly reward you with incredible views, as you conquer its steep walks. The narrow streets lead to awe-inspiring views of the coral-blue ocean, as waves roll into freestanding pillars of rock offshore. If you have time, look back at Bonifacio from the water, while taking the ferry towards Sardinia. The sight of the canons of the old castle, perched up above the postcard-pretty harbour, is one you’ll remember forever. If you’re craving a little history, then Ajaccio is the place to learn about the life of Napoleon Bonaparte – the great conqueror who was born in the city. You can see his family home, Casa Bonaparte, and visit the museum, to make up your own mind as to whether he should be condemned as a ruthless dictator, or revered as a hero for spreading the Napoleonic Code’s virtues across Europe.

Hotels in Southern Corsica

Southern Corsica hotels clamour softly for their own private slice of ocean-side paradise, and you can enjoy views from your hotel window of waves lapping against soft white sand, or dramatic stumps of rocks cutting the crashing waves in half. Drink up the view over breakfast, or head out early after a quick morning swim to wake yourself up. Quality air conditioning lets you keep your room at just the right temperature - so using WiFi, watching a little television, and brewing a fresh coffee is always an option, whenever you want to escape the sun.

Where to stay

Scenic southern Corsica is bursting with options - and Porto Vecchio in particular tempts many oceanic arrivals. Jump off your ferry, before heading up to the 4,000 year old bronze-age fort at Casteddu d'Araggiu - where the bricks of the squat castle stand remarkably well preserved. Foodies will love the smell of fresh cod, cooking to Bonofico’s own raison-infused recipe – which lingers along the Old Town’s tight knot of streets, and spews from delicious, outdoor restaurants. Ajaccio, meanwhile, is enchanting even if you’re not a Napoleon obsessive – and hours will drift by as you sit and enjoy the lap of the sea, the hum of chatter, and the taste of strong black coffee, in palm-tree shaded city-squares.

How to get to Southern Corsica

The most romantic way to reach Southern Corsica is, without a doubt, to sail from a port in France’s south - like Marseilles, or Toulon. You’ll soon spot the sun-bathed shores of Porto Vecchio, or Ajaccio, as they emerge from the blue mass of ocean. Airports are available at Calvi, Bastia, Figari and Ajaccio, with flights touching down from across Europe during peak times. During other seasons, you’ll have no option but to fly in from an airport in mainland France. Renting a car will make your life much simpler, but the limited train services that are available are worth considering, as they’ll free up your eyes to admire the amazing scenery.