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A Malta city guide – history, tradition, picturesque beaches and a cultural capital

Malta has three inhabited islands: the biggest and main island, Malta; the rural and rugged Gozo; and the smallest, Comino. While all visitors will fly into Malta and spend time exploring it’s pretty beaches and historic capital Valletta, Gozo and Comino have their own draw. The former is ideal for walking or cycling in untouched countryside while the latter is a retreat from the outside world, and home to one of the Mediterranean’s most breath-taking beaches.

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A Malta travel guide – ancient knights, limestone landscape and delicate filigree jewellery

A Malta holiday brings to life old tales of the Knights Hospitaller and ancient temples. But from your Malta hotel explore an island very much in the present with beaches, bays and lagoons, coastal fortresses and hilltop towns mixed Mediterranean cuisine, and fine filigree jewellery.

Where to stay in Malta – a neighborhood guide

Malta’s most popular areas are mainly concentrated on the northern coast of Malta but that is not to say that the rest of this trilogy is to be overlooked. Malta tends to be a favourite among vacationers looking for beaches while those in search of relaxation and unspoilt nature flock more towards the wonderful countryside and laid-back vibe on Gozo and Comino. However, there is plenty of sightseeing and buzzing life in the capital city and in St. Julian’s to attract every kind of tourist. 

Malta shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

Malta offers a unique shopping experience, particularly for visitors from large, metropolitan cities. As well as shopping malls filled with high-end stores, Malta has a tempting mix of retail outlets and high street shops, craft boutiques and markets. Malta’s craft scene has cultural and historical roots. Keep your eyes peeled for handmade soaps, lace, baskets, and knitwear and of course the local produced foodstuffs such as honey, jams, olive oil and wines.

What to eat in Malta – a food and dining guide

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and nearby to Italy, Malta is in a fortunate position when it comes to cuisine. With the abundance of seafood fresh from the warm sea waters, Malta is an island that specialises in seafood. It also helps to have some Italian influence. The restaurants are varied, and while the most popular are situated in St. Julian’s in the north-east, there are excellent spots dotted all over the island.

What to see and do in Malta – a guide to notable sites and attractions

The islands that make up Malta are unique. From its sandy beaches and almost year-long sunshine to its fossil-spoilt cliffs and local traditions, there is an abundance of opportunities that promise to make your stay a memorable one; all this on a small island that boasts the highest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world.

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