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Pune Shopping Guide - where and what to shop and buy

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Pune’s flourishing shopping scene is a huge part of the city’s culture. Luxury shopping malls - speckled with tall fountains and flowery courtyards - make for a relaxed and indulgent day out, while the many market stalls provide an unforgettably buzzing setting for bargain hunters on the prowl. Whether you’re in the market for fine designer clothes, soft silky fabrics, curious trinkets or delectable foods, Pune offers it all.
Fashion Street



Fashion Street is arguably Pune’s premier, inexpensive clothing market. This vast indoor and outdoor warren boasts over hundreds of individual stalls, where trendy hipsters and fashion fiends gather to search for cheap chic garments. Rummage through the footwear stalls, which range from comfy sandals and army-style boots to vintage heels and sports trainers. Find rare designer dresses at bargain prices, and trim retro suits complete with 50s-style camelhair overcoats. Don’t forget your haggling skills - a convincing pitch can bring the prices down even further, and it certainly pays to be bold.


Koregaon Park Plaza



While Pune is renowned for its wealth of street markets, it also boasts a wide variety of sophisticated indoor shopping malls. Koregaon Park is Pune’s most affluent district, where the wide tree-lined streets provide respite from the endlessly energetic areas of Camp and Deccan. On the banks of the shimmering river, discover Koregaon Park Plaza, a sleek glass-walled shopping mall. Its spacious, shiny marble halls create a tranquil shopping experience, giving you space to relax as you amble around the numerous designer stores groaning with high-end temptations. Even if you're just here to window shop, it's an enjoyably decadent taste of Western excess in India.


Market Yard



No trip to Pune would be complete without visiting the Shivaji Market. It is located just south of the Camp area, in a 19th century heritage building. As you walk in through the mighty doors, past the outdoor street vendors, all of your senses are suddenly set alight. A great cloud of other-worldly aromatic spices fills your nostrils, as your eyes pour over hundreds of stalls covered in huge bowls of bright red and green fruit and vegetables. The hypnotic buzz of sellers fills the air, laced with the faint melody of flute players, hidden in some far away corner. Pick up a handful of juicy mangoes and sweet lychees, and marvel at this unforgettable Pune experience.