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Where to stay in Barbados – a neighborhood guide

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From charismatic inns to charming guesthouses, self-contained flats to unique boutiques, luxury resorts to private villas, Barbados has accommodation to suit every type of traveler. The vibrant and more developed coastlines of East, South and West Barbados glisten with a wide variety of options, providing relaxing stays that have become synonymous with the Caribbean.

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The capital of Barbados and the eastern-most point of the Caribbean, Bridgetown offers a window into island life. A cultural hub bustling with duty-free shopping, historical attractions, waterfront cafes and lively nightlife, Bridgetown is the perfect place to soak up the authentic Bajan spirit. Contained within the popular parish of St. Michael, the dynamic area also has the added benefit of countless attractions such as the Kensington Oval and Mount Gay Rum Distillery right on its doorstep.



Hotels in Bridgetown


Accommodation options in Bridgetown are quite limited, with most people choosing to stay in the smaller towns of Barbados’ south and west coasts. Not completely lacking in places to rest your head, however, a tiny handful of inns, guesthouses and resorts offer the perfect starting point for exploring the rest of the island.



South Coast


Considered one of the most lively and developed areas in all of Barbados, the south coast is a smart choice for those looking to be entertained. Hotels, apartments, shopping centres, spas, white sandy beaches and a sparkling boardwalk dotted with open-air restaurants, there isn’t a stone left unturned. Tropical scenery plus bundles of facilities, you can’t really go wrong here.


Hotels on the South Coast


Speckled with a wide variety of apartments, condos, business and family holiday hotels, the south coast is one of the most popular places to stay on the island. Whether you are looking for a tranquil resort replete with private infinity pool or a sprightly resort jostling with watersports and island attractions, you will be able to find it here.



East Coast


With a unique geography differing from the rest of the island, the east coast of Barbados offers a contrasting spot to stay. Rustic beach houses, colourful wooden chattel houses and windswept beaches prevail here, creating a scenic panorama of sweeping coconut trees and endless coastal stretches.



Hotels on the East Coast


Embracing the chilled Caribbean vibe, Barbados’ east coast accommodation is as varied and vibrant as the island itself.  From luxury resorts to informal cottage style beach houses, stays are designed to accommodate all kinds of tastes and budgets.



West Coast


Trendy bars, elegant private residences, elite hotels and exclusive restaurants, the glittering west coast of Barbados has a lot to offer the sophisticated traveler. Attracting the attention of several famous faces, not to mention countless people looking to splash their cash on a slice of Caribbean paradise; it’s not hard to see why this peaceful oasis has been titled the ‘Platinum Coast’.



Hotels on the West Coast


Offering every indulgence you could possibly imagine, hotels on the west coast of Barbados simply brim with luxury. Exclusive resorts, boutique hotels, private villas and expensive condos dominate the coastline here, allowing uninterrupted views of rippling sandy bays. Bolstered by endless opportunity for beachside relaxation, here you’ll find glass-bottom boats, bobbing turtles and basking sunbathers in abundance.