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Macau Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

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Macau is a real Mecca for shopaholics as the prices are low and there is a wide range of products available. Shoppers will find everything imaginable here including jewelry, designer clothes, accessories, watches, wines, electronic goods and Chinese antiques. All available at duty-free prices.

The busiest and largest shopping areas are located in the Macau Peninsula, which features a range of modern shopping malls, markets, boutiques and souvenir shops. Water lilies are the municipal flower of Macau, and porcelain water lily ornaments are popular buys here. Also popular items include coins, stamps and jewelry.

Many shoppers head straight to Senado Square, while other streets specialize in items such as traditional Chinese medicine shops, teashops and antiques.

Senado Square

This is a great place to purchase popular designer brands at low prices. Some of the best-known brands here include NINE WEST and G2000 and there are plenty of snack stalls in this area where shoppers can refuel before heading back into the thick of things.

Rua S Domingo

Just to the north of Senado Square, this long road is full of clothing and cosmetic stores. Shoppers will find prominent stores such as Body Shop, Sa Sa and Angel. This area is popular with office workers and schoolgirls, so it is best to visit on weekdays in the morning or early afternoon.


Rua da Palha

Lovers of glassware and artwork will find an excellent selection of handmade items on this road. This area becomes rather crowded at weekends so it is best to visit midweek.

New Yaohan

Located opposite the Macau Ferry Terminal, the New Yaohan shopping mall is a great place to purchase electronic appliances and cameras. There is a large selection available at discounted prices, including electronics from Japan.

Macau shopping tips

The prices in Macau are low all year round, thanks to the area's port status. Bargaining is common practice and those who have learnt the art of bartering should be able to secure some large discounts. It is important to take the time to shop around as prices vary dramatically from place to place. Expensive items such as electronics and jewelry should be purchased at certified shops, which are regularly inspected.